Thursday 19 March 2020

Implementing Famine

Manual Activity
With COVID-19, you know that in lieu of effective treatment-that which acts on a matter of concern to do anything from contain to reversing it completely, or a successful vaccine-that people are being required to act out an approximation of what treatment and vaccine would achieve, manually.

Similarly, with a diet 'n' exercise plan, you are actioning out what your body can do, manually due to not having the knowledge of how to manipulate the pathways that actually regulate your body's mass.

Difference is, there is no known vaccine for C-19 and treatments are still being tried and examined for efficacy. In the case of body mass, you have been told manual acting out is the way you regulate weight-to divert your mind away from seeking proper means.

Original Guilt
With C-19, collective effort is required. Ditto for starving off body mass, effectively, famine. The only real way to implement famine properly is to mimic it as it happens in real life, environmentally, that is, for everybody. That's what is being alluded to in, "obesogenic environment". This is the source of fat people's sense of guilt, i.e. because of an issue we have, everyone has to go through this. Not, we "self-harm with food" like others do with drugs/alcohol, but that our brains worked out what wasn't so consciously perceived, implement famine totally or don't bother.

Self-Inflicted Famine
The purpose of individual diet plans is for slim people to break ranks. To exempt themselves from the starvation demanded of fat people, understandably, that's our natural instinct for self preservation. However, this hasn't stopped other's from allowing themselves to be used to demand it of fat people and to block any viable alternative. Justifying this on assertions that we "overeat".

Kidding on all the way that fat people are only really being asked to eat the amounts (and types of food) slim people do. That lie is exposed by slimz wanting nothing to do with any collective effort, despite dieting themselves willingly, not under no duress but their own.

This desire to flee the consequences of their own demands, not hatred of fat people is why we're blamed for being fat. If we are to blame, then we can quarantine, self isolate, socially distance ourselves into our own self imposed and it will work, if we don't then this will be on everyone. Built on top of unfiltered guilt, feeling we must do it alone keeps us in the diet game, stopping it from being fully recognised as a failed as well as a thoroughly unpleasant venture.

In the case of C-19, coming out of restriction or "lockdown", without effective treatment, cure or vaccine would take us back to before. Similarily, we once assumed slimming was a question of wasting weight, then returning to a normal response to hunger, with a now slimmed body. When it turned out the human body is designed to return itself to its starting point, we were told the equivalent of stay in lockdown forever. Make it your life.

That is what "lifestyle" means.

Clearly absurd and unfeasible. It simply wouldn't work as well as being an unreasonable, unconscionable ask. Except, nothing is ever an unreasonable ask for fat people, only those who've checked out leaving us to it, get to make that call.

Voluntary, Involuntary
Another sublminal that comes into play is the barely sketched out perception that we can alter our metabolic function and outcomes ourselves. We instinctively recognise on some level or other that our involuntary metabolic function is joined to our voluntary conscious functioning, in the form of the same communications system being used for both, the nervous system.

The key issue though is like treatment for C-19, we need genuine scientific inquiry and rigour to bring this properly to the surface. We're stuck in the incompatible opposites of being required to "lose weight" via a means that has failed.

We must be prepared to hold those responsible to account for this, continuing to accept spurious meaningless constructs like 'obesity', acting as if (professional) position guarantees unquestioned good faith, rather than actual actions and behaviour, will continue to support remaining where we are.

We have all become trapped in this, and rather like the susceptible and not so susceptable to C-19, have differing interests, yet ultimately those again converge in a collective interest. Unless fat people turn up for ourselves, we will not be able to turn up to stop this crusade sinking all of us.

Monday 16 March 2020

Slim Opt-Out

Yes, indeed Ms Rum B. Shit is getting real. Very real for fat people who via COVID-19 are being given even more of a lesson in exactly how they're being misused. Dots are being joined. Try denying 'obesity' is not a professionally led con now.

Activists put it down to hatred of fat people, blaming and shaming. What I've tried to get across is the reasoning behind individuating famine into a self imposed state of being is to exclude slim people from dieting or famine-if you will.

Despite asserting fat people "overeat" by mere fact of our size, ergo, if we ate normal amounts like/what slim people eat, then we too would be(come) slim. They know this to be false because they exempt themselves from, eating like a (mythical) slim i.e. dieting.

It's the diet-weight hypothesis which posits your diet=your size, though tested to descruction remains in place as the basis of all thought on size.

Though body mass is not a disease, it's a metabolic outcome obviously, the policy of social isolation for COVID-19 is happening due to there currently being no effective means to manipulating the body to stop infection or render that null by killing it off swiftly, that is-curative treatment or vaccine/s.

In the case of body weight, white coated professionals refuse point blank to find the correct ways of interacting with metabolic function, using our conscious capacities, insisting instead on famine as the only means of reducing mass.

Rather like social isolation, the best way to implement famine is environmentally, meaning, everybody, that's what's being alluded to by "obesogenic". When the inherent failure of self-imposed famine plays out, attention goes back to where it should have started in the first place, environment.

From y. diet=y.weight to society's weight=society's environment. Same thing, all that differs is number and scale.

From day Z of the modern weight panic, this has been the root of the battle, slim people not being prepared to starve along with fatz, despite them insisting we must. The blaming/shaming of fat people, and the bullshizz employ of "individual responsibility" is about-keeping slim people out of the famine they're insisting upon for us, and advocating because they expect to be left out.

Like those who feel the need to be kept out of social isolation.

Amusingly, people are throwing about "selfish" to those who consider the virus not their problem, but the problem of those who are susceptable to it. That attitude would be fine, if, there was a high degree of ability to manipulate individual function.

The society bending affects are down as much to the absence of such, as any other factor. In the case of weight, that absence is thoroughly contrived, not a matter of inquiry + time.

A young woman was captured on video saying she had compromised immunity but was not worried because she "self-medicated" with supplements, sound just like those people who parrot the: I just need to eat less and move more, line, yet she was called out for being deluded (and self absorbed).

So to repeat, body mass is not 'disease', this is openly admitted; "what if we can our construct disease?" The point is about why fat people are blamed, its for the same reason as those who wish to opt out of their necessary participation in containing COVID-19.

Tuesday 25 February 2020

Role Play

"Two million in UK at risk of type 2 diabetes as obesity crisis grows"
NHS chief executive Simon Stevens said “bulging waistlines” were leading to the rise in people living with type 2.
Simon Stevens "...a key player in the direction of the NHS under Tony Blair's government", so this isn't about versus, this is the political classes who hold and administer power. His CV, with selected highlights: "NHS Privatiser";
United Health Group Vice-President and President and/or Chief Executive Officer of United Health 2004-2014
His duties at United Health included lobbying for the NHS and other European national health services to be included in the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP) 
UHG's UK affiliate is called "Optum". Insurance profit motive depends on denial of claims. "Obesity" is device for the denial of medicine. In other words, what comes after the insurance models denial of claims, is healthcare and medical professionals denial of themselves. One hand is washing the other so to speak.
As part of efforts to tackle the problem, a radical new liquid diet will be available on the NHS to put type 2 diabetes into remission. Five thousand patients will be restricted to 800 calories per day for three months in a pilot to be rolled out from April. This will be followed by a further nine months of support to help them maintain weight loss.
Obviously, all concerned know "obesity crisis" = evidence of ancient individuated famine's failure. Apart from data capture and mining, self-inducing famine also trains the mind toward invidualised "prevention".

With this sort of incentive (and more) dieting doesn't have to work, it just has to keep being enforced.

Monday 10 February 2020

Personal Responsibility Exemplars

A reminder, fat people's personal responsibility has been exemplary. Though one would be unwise to take anything said by weight quackists on face value, it's worth repeating. With absolutely nothing, we have been expected to alter our bodies to an extent that falls under the balliwick of the (Western) medical profession, with little to no accurate science, no medical training whilst brainwashed to abuse ourselves without mercy or cease, disregarding, burying our own true feelings, reality, actions and their results.

We repeated dieting over and over, many of us failing pretty much every time, or grinding off weight at great cost in time and effort, only to see it return with no effort in a half or even quarter of the time it took to shed it.

Every time the latter did this, they endeavoured to try again. Every time the former failed, they endeavoured to try again, expecting to succeed all the way, until we learnt. We had an education.

So much responsibility did we take that I find myself randomly identifying with the chronically and genuinely ill, who have to do numerous things to try and stay on an even keel, because of doing so much.

We did all this without being sick. Not that I want to throw sick or disabled people under the bus-some are obviously both, but there's something about having to do stuff to keep you going or alive even, that can compel in ways not having to simply cannot.

We didn't have to do all this, we did it anyway. For the cause.

Any compulsion we had was largely contrived, it's one of the reasons fat people have been so loath to give up on that, it shapes you.

This is not sad, such is the extent of our taking everything on ourselves, I feel we touched something outside the cramped norms pressed on us. It showed us that what is "expected" of us, is deliberately set way below all our capacities. It was in some ways, an outer perimeter of what we're expected to be able to do.

It has ended the doctor/ patient contract as we know it and for that, I think we should celebrate and be thanked by all still held in its thrall.

Tuesday 4 February 2020

Knowing no Pain, Knowing no Pleasure

Courtesy of this is thin privilege,
I genuinely would like your thoughts on my experience: I am severely underweight. I get gawked at, my health brought up, and insulted because of my body by strangers, relentlessly. When I was obese, I never experienced any of that. I actually received way more compliments when i was overweight and when i was obese than i receive at my current weight. I have been respectful and made no negative comments - I'd appreciate if you could respond in the same manner. Thanks
Well, we can feel immediately, slim person's energy-I very much doubt s/the(y) is/are "severely underweight" [under what weight? People often have their own ideas about the starting point]. By slim energy, I mean, someone making the minuscule, maximo if it happens to a slim and makes anything negative that happens to a fat, nothing and anything falling short of base negativity, a "positive".

Calling yourself 'obese' and "overweight" like that, means you have experienced all of that-gawked at, health brought up, insulted because of your body- or you wouldn't applying said terms to yourself with such a sense of peace and comfort.

'Obesity' itself is degrading branding and an insult in any way you could define that. It erases your sentience-addressing it to do so- pathologises you, makes you common property, silences you, tells you you are "disease" and not human, whilst knowing full well that you are. That's just the beginning of it. Every time you apply it to yourself, you validate this, hence a lot of fat people's anxiousness, anguish and exhaustion.

"Overweight" is based on a slim centric metric, validating slimness as the only legitimate size. Here is one of those who don't hear any insult to fat people, due to, for example, perceiving that as legitimate critique. We were all like that at one time.

Probably our friend in struggle thought slenderness would render them immune to criticism. Unfortunately for them, back in the day, advocates for anorexics decided to raise awareness.

Up til then, people were very loathe to cross any boundary of enquiring whether a slender person might be so due to anorexia nervosa-were assured to press through that as PWA tended to deny vigorously that they're anorexic.

That broken boundary led to over-familiarity fuelled by that self-righteousness people get when they feel the changing of your body happens from what they say to you. On the heels of that came this angry contempt for someone "not going to get help". See the case of Eugenia Cooney to peep that atmosphere.

In other words, there is a similarity between the firepower aimed at anorexia and fatness, for pretty much the same reasons, coming from the same people, the difference is anorexia does kill. 

Monday 3 February 2020

Denial of Service

"I was denied NHS treatment because my BMI was too high", note there's no term such as "deemed" in between "was" and "too".One of the cases featured in this article is a woman who had gallstones, gallstones. When I hear that term I think, pain. Everyone who's ever told me of their experience of them has emphasised usually right off the bat that they are excruciatingly, painful.

I didn't even know it was possible to have painless ones [it is],
Gallstones don't usually cause any symptoms. But if a gallstone blocks one of the bile ducts, it can cause sudden, severe abdominal pain, known as biliary colic.
This woman was told she couldn't be referred to hospital for further treatment on the grounds of weight.
On one occasion it went on for more than 10 hours," she says. "I was exhausted, but in too much pain to sleep, scared to move in case it made it worse, but wanting to move in order to try and find some relief."
After nine months of this, albeit, intermittently. 

We're reluctant to call this what it is, a refusal of treatment. Doctors are effectively drawing the line at weight. I don't care to get itty-bitty on this. If people think, demanding people diet, is not refusing treatment, then they clearly have no grasp of what being refused treatment means. In all humility, I can do nothing for them.

Personally, as I keep saying, I have no problem with doctors refusing treatment, but unlike others I see this as a two-way negotiation. I want what I feel is needed to make this work for me not the professionals, and that is the tools I need to make a go of actual self-management, plus provision of medical expertise that excludes any 'obesity' or "lifestyle" nonsense.
The standard treatment for gallstones is gallbladder removal – or cholecystectomy – but Karen was told she couldn't be put on the waiting list for surgery until after she'd lost weight and her BMI was below 30. Instead, she was advised to manage her symptoms by eating an extremely low-fat diet – which, she adds, did at least help her to lose weight quickly [choosing from scientifically researched methods and techniques that use her conscious mind to alter her body's function.]
I'm giving you a sense of what is required here. I have no objection whatsoever to managing myself, I've been trying to do it since I was about seven years old. What I have learnt in all that time is self management isn't shit, without tools that actually do what you require. That demands real knowledge, not made up crud like 'obese'.

Obviously, those fat people who are-sick of being their own doctors-can stick with this and fight against "medical fatphobia", fuqdat. I'd just as soon have use of more of my body's own abilities, if you don't mind.

Monday 27 January 2020

Academic Standards

Again, it's the remarkable hegemony. People of all political persuasions (un)thinking the same way, saying, the same idiot thing.

"Anti-Science". Keep your eye on what that's supposed to be referring to. Quoting from the linked post,
Acknowledge the University of Washington campus is on land stolen from Native Americans. Use gender-neutral, culturally diverse names in examples. Stop believing being overweight is unhealthy.
I understand how you can acknowledge and use. But I very sincerely don’t understand how you can stop believing. 
I of course, sincerely believe in that sincerity.

I can't always be of service, so I tentatively offer a reversal the advice of Journey-Do stop believin'......let go of that feeling, no-wha-o....

I especially don’t understand how you can stop believing something that’s demonstrably true on orders from your employer.
If it is demonstrably true, why does it require belief? Belief is assertion in the absence of evidence or conclusive proof otherwise. If you don't believe in what is true, then you are the same as those who peddle 'obesity' cultism who do not believe inducing weight loss using calorie restriction has failed, even though their complaining, nagging and crisis-mongering is premised on that very failure.

Success would have stopped the crusade for 'obesity' from getting this far and would end it now.
I still remember being proud of supporting the party of science and facts. And now we are all about bullying people into believing ridiculous, unscientific crap. It’s embarrassing.
Umm, I don't know about proud. I have never thought of science as partisan or identitarian, science is just science, it can unhand anyone at any time. That's why we cannot vaingloriously think we are on its "side", it can pull the rug from those trying to pal up to it, just as well as those trying to fight it. Which we probably all are in some way or t'other.

People fighting it is often about identity, but, science itself, isn't, or shouldn't be one.

We're still looking for the precise application of 'anti-science'. So let's try the link itself; "Profs at UW Seattle Asked to Push Progressive Causes in School’s Diversity Guide",
...the administration seems willing to placate a group of hypersensitive, progressive activist-students and faculty seeking to purge opposing political viewpoints from campus
'Kay, so we're also looking for, "hypersensitive", "progressive" and evidence of "purging opposing political viewpoints". Remembering that, manipulating body mass is an issue of physiology, not politics nor belief.

It says emphasis on diversity is the promotion of progressive politics, whilst I would not want to present myself as the progressive-whisperer, diversity seems to me to be an endeavour that easily lends itself to plus ca change, or appearing to change whilst staying the same through, in this case, window-dressing.

File under- evidence for assertion-inconclusive, to put it mildly.
But then it gets legitimate crazy. Writing for Quillette, Reges broke down one recommendation:
Can't wait, few things are more tantalising than the prospect of finding out what people think of as cray.
Review of all course materials for inclusiveness. For instance, of a lecture that involves calculating body mass index (BMI) using guidelines from the National Institutes of Health, the report noted that it ‘seems insensitive to present students with a program that would point out that some of them are ‘obese’ while others are ‘normal.’
Incidentally, I like that detail of "..using guidelines from the National Institutes of Health,". Still pocket billiards.

Recap; anti-science, demonstrably true, hypersensitive, progressive, [indicative of] purging opposing viewpoints, refers to not the questioning of why the true nature of metabolic function has entered the status of belief system, political viewpoint, but suggesting that vested interests' insertion of sci-fi should not be jettisoned, but merely stop short of seeking to divide students into its irrelevant categorisation.

These three things mentioned as a trio; the genocidal dispossession of indigenous people, widening the references in illustrative examples and whether to hold off on yet more divisive categorisation of students, have nothing to do with each other.

I'm sure all concerned know this. Such is the desire to keep people in the same place as themselves, that, the words don't matter, they're just there to carry the tune.

Suffice it to say, I don't care who you are, what or who's "side" you are on or think you're on, what you stand for, what you think you stand for, who you are, or think you are, your rank, sex, class or race....

On this, if you continue to allow yourself to be used as a bot to police obedience in others, whilst not engaging the most primitive of your critical faculties, on your own, without being told by those puppeteering you, with your big boy-girl panties on, you're going to have to take an "L".

No matter how safe and secure you feel right now.