Wednesday, 11 January 2017


A feature of the tendentious body-wrecking crusade that is 'obesity' is its virulent infection of false equivalence, i.e. when smoking is treated as if it is like weight.

Now if it need be said for the easily offended, I do not feel superior to smokers, I don't hate them, look down upon them-unless they come with their specific or general tired fat phobic shizz, m'kay?

I reject this because it is false. As we have all witnessed regardless of stance, the 'obesity' field *lols* lies with a feeling of impunity that would shame all but the most dishonest.  So I'm sure that all conquering fact will hardly suffice.

What this has played up about smoking is the difficulty of apt comparison with it.

Smoking is errr..... somewhat of an eccentric activity. Even those committed to it, I'm sure would admit, considering sucking smoke through a lit tuber into your lungs [or throat for you pussycat puffers] and exhaling it with varying degrees of artistry-would be dismissed as fanciful, if it hadn't already been invented.

I don't know why this hasn't occurred before, but a better comparison is probably with a taking-drugs-for-phony-disease habit. I'll be blunt because I can't be bothered to tippy-toe today [yes, I do try, usually].

Percentagewise, few people are truly mentally ill, which I'd define as having a malfunctioning nervous [or other] system leading to symptoms of psychosis, or neurosis at the point where it enters that realm.

Like virtually every diagnosis that isn't rigidly objective, mental illness has been expanded to the point where it diagnoses those who are either experiencing an apt response to emotional/mental/physical trauma or temporary complaint/condition that's mostly a product of their own self- mismanagement.

Given human ego, the latter is intolerable to many if not most people, especially if they think rather highly of themselves. Though there's much pompous moaning about treating mental like physical illness, virtually no-one has a problem with the idea that in their lifetime, they might injure themselves physically in a way that is mainly their fault.

I for example most definitely made myself way more depressed than I'd have needed to be for longer than I'd probably ever experienced through my long term commitment to a fight with my hunger function, plus the attendant playing 'obese'. 

One way people have sought to deal with this very interesting psychological conundrum i.e. vanity is to erm, insist their neurosis/mental illness is a disease, because mental illness/crisis can make you feel become quite dysfunctional.

You see where I'm going. This is felt by those keen on this to express and validate their suffering as well as express their frustration with not being able to throw off their particular issue/s.

The fly in the ointment is, insisting mental troubles are 'disease' is inherently a downer. In the worst kind of way, it boxes you in. It's a trap of despair. The urge then becomes to find a way to lift that gloom, by taking pills.

Though much touted as 'treatment' for mental illness, their primary power is in the belief that the person is treating-therefore not diseased [temporarily], not trapped in a snare of their own making. That is the kind of self-mishandling that make us fall into a pit of neuroses, along with susceptibility of course.

It could be argued that this cognitive dance is similar to the imaginative hook of smoking as described most famously by the late Allen Carr. I hope I'm not misrepresenting his central theorem that smokers dependence on snouts is a product of them having imagined/convinced themselves that they are hooked on smoking.

Effectively, they're smoking to relieve the anxiety caused by the belief that they need to smoke.

It's easy to snicker, but actually, I'd lay good money that every single human being on earth lives exactly that same trap in some way or context, probably loads of them. Affairs of the heart for example, are a minefield for this sort of cycle of tendentiousness. 

So when 'obesity' hucksters and medics pretend weight is disease, they are setting up that very trap. Whatever drugs they have on offer-e.g. Topiramate, an anti-seizure medication are there to lift the gloom caused by the disease pretence. In case anyone's thinking, how is 'obese' supposed give you seizures-not even 'obesity' quacks are pretending that one [give 'em a chance!!]. 

No, you're supposed to take anti-seizure medication because it has been noted that some people taking it for their actual seizures happen to lose a few pounds-and I mean a few-as a side effect. So brilliantly health-sensitive 'obesity' hustlers think that's reason enough for people who have no seizures to take it.

In conjunction with a "healthy lifestyle".

There's another similarity in that drugs such as these also give organs like your liver and kidneys extra work, rather like smoking.

And smokers can afford a certain superiority over the 'health' establishment because they are only accused of taxing their lungs-not removing them. Unlike the "life saving" 'obesity' crowd who like to remove healthy functioning organs.

Not only that, many of us have made the argument that health cannot be the simplistic, add a brick of pure healthy action take it away for a unhealthy action. It's more of a balance of competing and at times incompatible factors.

But no-one would go as far as bariatric surgeons stating that directly removing health increases it. A brand new health protocol.

In fact, those self-harmers who cut themselves can feel a certain validation, given those involved in health and medicine-45 agencies no less-think mutilation-not merely cutting yourself is a route to health.

Thursday, 5 January 2017

Organ Strippers Dissatisfied, Run for the Hills

Happy 2017!!!

Hey, better late than nevvah.

Snatching a look back on 2016 there are a lot of articles I've not published responses to, so forgive me if things feel a tad recherche for a bit.

For instance, "Americans Blame Obesity on Willpower, Despite Evidence It's Genetic" features a survey measuring whether the propaganda delivered by 'obesity' crusaders' is serving the end of the crap-drug pushing, mutilating interests of the 'obesity' cult.

Here's a case where funding, the American Society for Metabolic and Bariatric Surgery, tells you more or less everything about its purpose. 

To recap, the 'obesity' crusade is a cultic quack effort brought to us by a mixture of researchers, public health doctors and medical professionals. Such decided to use the (non-fat) public as enforcers of un or dis-ease in fat people, as if fat people weren't sufficiently uneasy about not fitting in sizewise.

The views of this misdirection amounted to a collective consciousness, underwritten by the brazen abuse of the profound trust in science and the medical profession. Everything about 'obesity' from the term itself to the so called beliefs and notions expressed by anyone and everyone about it comes directly from the crusade in its honour. It's hardly a colloquial term.

Take the obsessional blame framing [somebody please do]. Culpability is central to morality. When you commit an act or acts you either know to be wrong or find out is/are wrong, as a moral being, you then seek to make amends for your transgression.

That formed a consensus as much in fat people as anyone else.

Essentially, this survey is measuring the strike rate of 'obesity' crusaders own agitation and propaganda. What slimz especially choose to ignore is we are all its tools whether we are its [nominal] targets or not. It mis-uses us all.

I shouldn't need to tell anyone with more than a functioning brain cell that this is particular initiative is profoundly disturbed. I can't decide whether this is up there with female genital mutilation. My mind has passed over the thought of the proverbial gun to the head; excision of clitoris or stomach?

Would you have your vulva sewn into a tiny hole, or the nub remnant of your stomach connected to lower down your intestine? Both could lead to your death. Both attack health for other people's fee fees rooted in their hateful ideologies.

Before anyone tells me how nice these people are, nice equals having nothing to do with this. Nice at least starts to wake up when its indulgence hits the organs people need to function properly.  Think paedophiles and the removal of their genitals.

Does that sound better than this, worse, the same, what?

This cutty outfit informs us of the public doing what they're been given permission to do, undermining fat people's social standing and mental/physical health, in order to "motivate" us to futile attempts at inducing our bodies to let go of weight via calorie restriction.

Since enough of us have been literally dis-illusioned, they wish public and medical professionals-to switch from free-form calorie restriction to calorie restriction implemented by surgery and/or backed up by drug delusion.

To switch from pretending fatness =bad person, to fatness =disease. From un/dis-ease to disease. According to these, both public and medics appear to be balking at that particular lie.

Just because the public and medics are perfectly prepared to regurgitate lie after lie, doesn't mean any old lie will do. Over the last few years, agit-prop insisting weight is a serious threat to health has intensified. According to this, weight is now tied with cancer, amusingly demoting a real disease- cancer-to a "health threat" and promoting a product of metabolic function into pretend disease.

I say demote/promote, because the Internet classes have taught me virtually anything can be viewed solely in terms of status/non-status.

All this suggests the public and medics are on board with the crusade as a moral one, not as a money making scheme for organ stripping and crappy-drug peddling. Oh the nuance.

'Obesity' has always been a collaborative affair. People know its all bullshit, they collude with it because it satisfies some aspect of their tedious on-going psychedramas. What does pretending weight is disease do for that? Cutty-druggists are offering the pretence that weight is a disease can be "treated", but that game of fake disease and taking drugs isn't illness/treatment. It's fake disease is depressing and crappy-drugs lift the gloom. They act as placebos to lift the demoralizing notion of fake disease.

The best way to avoid that is to not demoralize yourself by pretending states are disease when they aren't.

What's more, unlike neuroses/mood disoders, weight is a product of normal function. You cannot treat the product of normal physiological function/ reaction.You don't need to, you need to find out how to take hold of the reins so to speak.

Think of one "obesity treatment" that doesn't attack healthy function. The 'obesity' cult targeted people's self esteem and mental health. Cal res attacks hunger/appetite function. Drugs attack healthy organs and surgery removes them.

If weight is so bad why can't they attack the badness trumpeted so relentlessly? 'Obesity' wallahs are like guerrillas claiming they're fighting the bad guys all via friendly-fire. When are you going to hit your enemy? The purported unhealth rather than health?

Probably never within this construct, because its "enemy" is human function. Instead of directing that medically qualified people prefer to wreck it so it cannot perform properly.

Branding the body "disease" is supposed to enable everyone to get on board with this insanity.


Malevolent and stupid. The one leading to the other. A reminder of why the most truly intelligent tend to have a supple and unyielding compassion.

Self-help is one of the few things that have come out of this. All around us we see the desire of people to change their health, putting paid to the lies told by those wishing to take over our lives in the name of 'health'.

Individuals should be able to "summon enough willpower", or link conscious intent to shift their own bodily function. We should have the right techniques. That's all we wanted, not endless assaults on our health.

All I learned in 20 years of dieting was seeking to induce weight loss by cal res is a fool's errand. That's it.

I never had a problem with self-help and not bothering the doctor with stuff they don't need to be involved in. On the contrary, nothing could persuade me to be willingly at the sole mercy of those promoting this degeneracy.

The alternative that's missing from all this is to find a way or ways to adjust the destination of homoeostasis. The focus should not be on an arbitrary weight line but on physiology, like real science.

Something that needs to be said every time anyone mentions weight.

Monday, 19 December 2016

What it is, is what it is

Tuppence-looking contraption Purge Assist has popped up this side of the pond cue predictable stupid.

The usual clueless double-think as people proclaim- "This is not the answer!" and pompously intone- "This is a symptom of quick fixism", seemingly unable to grasp dieting is a quack fix that turned into an open-ended fail due to the neurotic rejection of that fact. The latter is of course played off as long term commitment.

It's enough to make you puke.

Then there's the straw set up of this as an argument between willpower versus dietary indoctrination. [In what way does "eduction" alter the functioning of your metabolism?] The dim-wit pretension of, "Don't remove energy, you've got to find the cause of 'overeating'". Really? What happens if you don't Nancy Drew?

There's a "We've got to do something, so this is okay", pointing to the legacy of science-blockingand even as the powerful motivator of people's desperation and even a "This demonises food." Referencing CRIWL's attack on hunger. 

After that comes the eating disorders fraternity, terrified their citadel of flummery may be upset by the sunlight of unmanaged fact,
Dr Richard Sly, the medical advisor at the B-Eat eating disorder charity meanwhile warns that comparing the procedure to bulimia in an unhelpful stance.
It's not "comparison" it's observation. Voiding the contents of the stomach before food is fully digested is the purging part of bulimia nervosa. Hence purging with exercise is called exercise bulimia.
Like anorexia and other eating disorders, bulimia is a serious mental illness with physical manifestations.
They've also been the prescription for fat people for the last four decades, how long is it going to take the ED fraternity/sorority to absorb this? You don't own these and you cannot (any longer) get away with preventing people from observing fact. 
In and of itself, the equipment does not amount to medical bulimia, he says. On the contrary, the AspireAssist is a highly medicalised process.
The equipment is what is used to induce bulimia. Instead of sticking your finger down your throat, et al. It takes another direction to achieve the same ends, it is bulimia. If you don't like that, be sure to mention that to 'obesity' wallahs.

Whether bulimia is 'medicalised' or not makes no difference to what it is. Terms mean what they mean, not what you associate with them.
This would change if the person was using it to cope with psychological distress, he argues.
It's worth pointing out that the main means of trying to force fat people into proto-anorexia has been "psychological distress" and the threat of it. The extremes to which people will go to lose weight or merely avoid gain are testament to the distress involved.

Slim people are terribly ashamed of being seen to be too invested in calorie restriction dieting. Consider what it means for them to insist this should be what our lives should revolve around. 

Wednesday, 14 December 2016

Something of the Occult......

This sense is only getting stronger as increasingly people refuse to heed wise words;
Other people's opinion of me is none of my business.
Years ago, I mentioned that I come from a background where Black magic/witchcraft and such are seen as real forces. Growing up, I figured this was an anthropology of control and manipulation of self, of others and of one's environment.

What I never could feel was any sense about what it felt like internally to be under the influence of such. It felt totally outside my internal landscape, despite me knowing that wasn't plausible. I put it down to cultural disconnect.

The 'obesity' crusade has thoroughly changed that. It's now clearer how what you are constantly surrounded by seeps into you and (re)shapes your mind. Especially if there's little to counteract it. That is happening to people with 'obesity'. Nothing is really opposing it, so it just keeps rolling on, not because it has any inherent merit-it doesn't-but simply due to nothing really opposing its momentum.

I've seen people who are skeptical just succumb to it because it just keeps eroding anything that

Our sense that eating is a response to hunger has been undermined, if not severed in some cases. Our sense that weight is not a choice, we are not choosing not to be 900 pounds any more than we are choosing not to be 150, which for most of us is closer.

'Obesity' is really a cult concerned with gaining control of your mind, how you think, specifically to control how you live.  You can see this in its weird sociology-style presentation of contrived and dubious irrelevant statistics, Xtyx of % people are 'obese' compared with 5/10/40 years ago or hence.

'Obesity' increases risks for x, y and z, it's more associated (by us) with a,b, c, d, what has any of this got to do with a person reversing their weight? That's what this is supposed to be all about isn't it? Supposed to be, but not hardly.

If you point this out, people often struggle to grasp what you're saying. Of course statistics make you weight-manage your addiction, emotional problems, help you diet, lead to weight loss, leads you out of 'obese'. Despite that being the only strategy from before there was deemed to be a 'crsis'.

Any interruption of this, any questioning of this, any disinterest in such suspension of disbelief is spoiling it. Is why its not working. Those most voceferous and noisy in their complaining about extent of 'obese' are the ones insisting nothing but what has failed must be even looked for.

Yes, there's fun and profit in the mix, isn't there always? But there's undoubted collusion from the public. Who've found a deeper connection with these notions about weight than could have been predicted.

Fatness has come to be a reference point for mindless consumption and the wages of.

The real urge is to force fat people specifically to battle with hunger, representing unecessary acquiring of goods. Hence 'overeating' is the "cause" of overweighty. Eating is unmored, a mere habit acquired and gotten out of hand, like addiction.

Pointing out that hunger is generated by your body as a whole, and you either get denial of the role of hunger, or assertions that people eat without hunger. Despite that actually being the target of 'weight loss'. 

'Obesity' claims to be science, but it mostly uses that in the way ISIS or w/e it's called today, uses Islam, to enable it to do what it wants to do anyway, ultimately to gain power over others. Is Islam to blame for ISIS? Is science to blame for 'obesity'? Yes and no.

Both ideologies use their chosen doctrines or should I say, the appearance of them as a means to bypass not simply the critical faculties of others, but their own too, thus enabling a continuation of ideas and actions that conscience would derail.

How many times is the hold of these crusades broken by a person gaining a rational and truer understanding of what was being abused to scupper their critical faculties?

Even the grotesque practise of cutting a person's healthy stomach out feels oddly like an urge toward sacrificial appeasal of the unseen universal retribution people fear. The pretext of "making people feel fuller quicker" is risible, that's well within the functioning of hunger/ appetite. Think of the last time you were hungry and saw something disgusting and lost your appetite.

The hideous and wicked female genital mutilation has a similar underlying logic given for it, ultimately, it tries to put women off the feeling and pursuit of sexual gratification by using pain and discomfort. Rather than finding ways to reduce the sexual impulse, for either men or women.

The constant media reportage of 'obesity' is culiminating in an unwholesome media blitzkreig leading some people's minds to drift further away from the shores of reality. It can be quite disturbing to be around.

There can be something ugly, clawing and desperate about it.

The development of a compulsion diagnosis can be just like this. When thoughts or actions are made to mean or do more than they can deliver, the person can descend into compulsive repetition as the need for fulfilment continues to elude.

Increasingly people are being goaded into crossing the line-or thereabouts-where they are no longer in charge of their thoughts, instead their thoughts are in charge of and are leading them. Even before compulsion reaches this take-off stage, these urges can be at the helm of the person's mind doing the steering. That might explain how anyone could possibly think millions of stomachless people sounds anything approaching sane.

A sub-Frankenstein effort of epic delusion.

All one can say to fat people who are atheists when it comes to 'obesity' constructivism and its crusade is that if you know what it feels like to not share the faith of others, now's the time to let 'obesity' cultists have it, if they get too presumptuous. 

Stand back mentally and physically if necessary from their neurosis.  It's theirs and you are not responsible for it. You are not a cult-whisperer.

No matter who it is, do not feel any compunction about switching off and disconnecting when anyone tries to pull you into their mental orbit. You do not have to meet them halfway, flatter them, or tell them they're well meaning. Just establish clear boundaries on any nonsense, such as mindless litanies of future health and death threats.

No means no and doesn't have to be explained or justified.

Freedom of faith is also freedom from faith.

Wednesday, 30 November 2016

The Privilege of Being Fat

The venerable Stephen Hawking has decided to weigh-in [geddit] on the subject du nos jours.  

Witness agog,

 Stephen Hawking-Bigotry can dim brilliance

At the moment humanity faces a major challenge. And millions of lives are in danger.....I am here to address one of the most serious public health problems of the 21st Century.
Really? I'm sure scientists are working night and day to come up with the most efficient and effective solution to avert this crisis... no?
As a cosmologist, I see the world as a whole.
I'm sure you also view the human body in the same holistic way. How does the body create its own mass? Why would a person withdraw fuel, rather than adjust mechanics that exist to be adjusted?
Today too many people die from complications related to "overweight" and 'obesity'.
That would make even more of an incentive to find the most effective and efficient means of manipulating the function that creates and regulates body mass. I'm sure "obesity science" is desperately at it right now.
We eat too much and move too little. Fortunately the solution is simple....
Hey, anyone can fast/ starve or run around as they wish or are able, but real control of weight, requires pushing at the frontiers of current knowledge. I'm sure that's what's happening as we speak.
....more physical and a change in diet.
Yep, he said that, more physical activity. It gets better/worse though;
For what its worth, how being sedentary has become a major health problem is beyond my understanding.
I actually laughed out loud at that point.

It could be seen in two ways, the first is obvious, the other as an ironic statement-if read literally-on his own condition.

Here is a man who survived 50 + years past his own initial prognosis supposedly accepting the notion that being sedentary is the world's 4th largest killer, without it seemingly raising any red flags in his mind.

Why isn't he dead then? The man's 74 years of age.

Not only does he have some form of motor neurone disease, he counts as "sedentary," because that's measured as people who do not exercise. 'Obesity' wallahs exclude work and physical circumstances be damned. Ableist and classist, amongst other things.

He's also not exactly packing timber himself, so him claiming without irony, that the "answer" is to get off your arse feels like a spoof. This signals the real echo chamber that is 'obesity' it is imposed on others and has little to do with reality.

This shows us again that anyone who accepts 'obesity' is a thing, dies a death of the mind. I've said this times without number-it is a concept that is incompatible with rational thought.

If you want to avoid looking like a tool, abolish 'obesity' from your vocab. I think I've been very nice in giving folks the heads up on that one. But if they wish to keep showing themselves up, that's on them.

You'd think given that he is an actual physics master, that he could see through this at some point, but he either doesn't, or is feeling the "noble lie" horseshit authority tells itself. This is for youth, so it's mis-using authority to hoodwink them.

The real lesson for them to learn is-apart from SCIENCE WORKS dieting doesn't- it doesn't matter how much brilliance you have, you still have to apply it. You still have to exercise judgement. Plus it requires humility enough not to be convinced by the notion that other people are really are too stupid to grasp ELMM.

This is the privilege of being fat. Seeing the limits of human intelligence and character exposed before your eyes. I'd have to be far cleverer than I am to see this. Ironically, Hawking is supposed to have the kind of brain power that has left him in the position often in his life.

Not this time. This time he's been suckered.

From someone who has for so long defied medical prediction and platitude to fail this test is perhaps more forgivable than many.

Monday, 21 November 2016

Thin and Slim People's Internecine Body Politics

I wonder what you make of the increasing and crude use made of fat people's self acceptance to shield thin bodies or anorexic people from attention that's coming from either other thin people and/or slim people. First an example of attention given to slim bodies. 

Check out the words of this headline, "stop demonising thin women like Bella Hadid-the body positive movement doesn't just apply to plus size women" by Jacqueline Hooten.

The whole point of "body positive" was that it about any bodies targeted for negative attention, for example disabled bodies. It exists precisely to de-centre fat activism. What for instance is "plus-size"? It's plus Jacqueline Hooten, Bella Hadid size, is what it is. The play on innocence also attempts to hide slim people's aggression towards thin bodies by cynically invoking the old stereotype that fat women are inherently jealous of thin/ner women.

Let's go back in time

Back to western teens sprouted in the post WW2 era. In their youth, women like Twiggy expressed the physical ideal for many of that generation. Many sought to be that size, regardless. This proved to be a historical turning point in the western body aesthetic, one that's continued more or less to the present day. In spite of an increasing challenge from the failed "weight management" strategy.

A couple of decades or so ago, anorexic activists-white coat professionals/academics, people who had previously had anorexia/ currently had it-often these overlapped -decided anorexics needed to be saved from anorexia via the public's personal intervention.

It was made to seem obvious when a person had this condition. Emphasis was made of what appears to be a determined refusal of an anorexic to accept they have the condition-when it has got a hold of them. These activists trained real reticence out of people, insisting they bore a burden of responsibility if they didn't confront anorexics vigorously-to save their lives. Anorexia then was defined and diagnosed by low-weight.

This automatically made any woman who looked like they might be wasting from a target. I only found out through the fatsphere that many who had anorexia weren't thin. This was often and still is rejected by many who insist you can only be anorexic if you are of low weight regardless of your behaviour or even symptoms.

No doubt the fact that proto-anorexia is the prescription -now to be enforced by whipping your stomach out-for 'obesity' is part of that reluctance.

Though official channels have shifted diagnostic criteria away from weight, the damage was done.  Later on, slim women began to seize the opportunity to hide their long gestated resentment of thinness behind a veneer of amateur diagnosis. This is the source of a lot of the heat thin bodies get. A lot of slim women feel so close to being thin and have often tried to be but haven't managed it.

Maybe there's a sense that if thin women are pressured to gain weight and become at least slim that will make slim women feel better about not being more twig(gy) , Naomi, Kate, Lupita, Bella or whomever -like. Like vanity sizing, its hard to see how much of the impetus for this can come from jealous fat women, given it wouldn't make much difference whether a person is thin or slim.

I'm not saying fat women never stray into in this nonsense. It's still policy of many official/medical agencies to blame anorexia on thin bodies. Most fat people still have a conditioned and unquestioned belief that whatever slim women say is the rules of how to be. Whatever slim women say, is what's to be said. If slim women, shout at thin bodies, that's what you're supposed to do.

I've already busted those using anorexia to confidently attack thin bodies, I know that hasn't been ignored, yet the main, driving force behind this has.

Slim women need to learn to deal with mea culpa and re-think their attitudes without continually dragging fat women into things that are little to nothing to do with us.
Plus size models like Ashley Graham and Tess Holliday are credited for empowering a new generation of women to embrace their curves whilst challenging the notion of an ‘ideal body’. But somewhere along the way thin women have become the enemy and that’s not okay
If I was either of those two, I'd not take kindly to any suggestion that I was in some way responsible for the cynical and brazen attacks on thin people's bodies.  And what about this,
In September, The Women’s Equality Party launched the “No Size Fits All Campaign” aimed at tackling the fashion industry’s influence on body image. The campaign calls for a change in the law to ban fashion models with a BMI below 18.5. While the campaign’s aims appear laudable, by failing to define an upper BMI limit the WEP are effectively looking to legalise the demonisation of “thin”.
WTH, "failing to define an upper BMI limit"? Wow, if these women can't see a bus to throw fat women under, they go to the bus garage.  There is no equivalence between someone wasting away from anorexia, effectively dying from starvation and/or someone being forced to starve so they can work and someone who's merely fat, however fat.

Anorexia starts with wilful actions that are able, in a minority of people, to outstrip the natural in-built defences our bodies have against anorexia nervosa. It's not so much about weight as its about an unusual reaction to the stimulus of self-inflicted starvation.

The problem here is with the diagnostic attitude the women's equality party has picked up, and its inability to distinguish between the merely thin and those who are actually anorexic. Those involved in that field also need to say more about this sort of thing or they may find that the mis-use of fat people will give everybody more problems than they bargained for.

I don't mindlessly fall in line with anorexia activists when they are bullshitting. Conflating fat bodies with anorexic bodies is really not a good move. When it comes to advancing the cause of their own self-denuded sense of superiority, fat phobes rarely put anyones health first.

Friday, 4 November 2016

Fat Handbags Have Already been Stopped

Continuing on from yesterday's post and the noteworthy attempt of 'obesity' promoters to decry any possibility of blocking a cell that has already been blocked. Looking back at research indicating the maturation process of our fat handbag adipose cells, can be stimulated to completion by a hormone called Adamts1.

Sentiments expressed by Dr. Brian Feldman-part of the research team concerned-about the purported implausibility of slowing fatty tissue genesis was backed up and emphasised by an NHS website,
The coverage by the Mail Online was generally accurate, highlighting the important fact that this research has not necessarily identified a target for anti-obesity treatment options.
"The important fact" eh? Why would that be either? Important to whom? It's not even about expectation management. If you say, eventually it seems like they'll be a means of stopping adipose tissue from increasing, you can go on to say, but not for a while yet if you want.

It's the enthusiasm for shutting that avenue down that is a red light.

If one steps back from puberty, it could be seen purely as an increase body mass. In healthy cells; bone, muscle and FAT [etc.,]. By dint of that, blocking or slowing puberty effectively does the same for adipose as part of that repression,
Initiating the treatment early for a child who experiences gender dysphoria has greatest effect; the body of the patient is less developed and later, the need for surgery such as mastectomy or “reduction thyroid chondroplasty and voice modification therapy” is avoided.
Avoid mastectomy? Okay, this is the brotherhood of wikistan, I haven't looked further into it yet, still, I think we can confidently state the human breast has fatty tissue.

Puberty blockers supposedly work by suppressing the release of chemicals that launch the process of puberty into effect. They are released from the pituitary gland. Incidentally, one of these hormones is called "follicle-stimulating hormone" or (FSH), yes, that relates to the troublesome, poly-cystic ovary, follicles. This could go to explain why PCOS can now seemingly be diagnosed without the presence of challenging follicles.

I'm not here to recommend nor decry puberty-blocking, initially a treatment for precocious puberty. This is really about being told what isn't supposed to be possible or likely, when it has already happened however imperfectly.

Even if it hadn't, it would hardly be an outlandish possibility to be able to modify the extent/speed of one cells proliferation, given the body already does this. If you've ever dieted for any period, you'll know that it can speed up your body's capacity to gain weight like no-ones business. How can that happen if gain is all one speed?

And where you can slow, you can look to stop, or at least slow even further. So if any 'obesity' wallahs are struggling with this concept, why don't they mosey on over to those working in the area of arresting puberty and ask them for a clue?

It slightly recalls the suggestion that "weight loss" is supposed to be hard, when the body already goes down (and up) in weight, daily, with consummate ease. One might humbly imagine attempts to figure out the ways it manages this impossibility/immorality/unlifestyle generated action. Only for that also to be mysterious improbable.

As I've repeatedly stressed (oops), "obesity science" doesn't actually have to reverse weight. It can merely settle for subduing replication of cells. The spluttering response...
'If you block fat formation, extra calories have to go somewhere in the body, and sending them somewhere else outside fat cells could be more detrimental to metabolism.
...when confronted with this notion fails to grasp-stopping a person's weight/fat mass where it is. Which is the norm for most people fat to thin alike, it's homoeostasis, all you're doing is seeking to help that along. When it comes to blocking fat, of course we are talking about the activity that promotes its genesis /proliferation.

We are talking here about outliers who are enduring aggressive symptoms that include/lead to swift unending gain. 

And blocking or suppressing adipose cells can equally have an affect on other metabolic features including hunger and appetite. Because fat cells are "metabolically active" sending as well as receiving messages.

You may be asking why in the midst of a supposed adipocalypse of urgent proportions, is there this continual urge to deny possibility of the obvious target to save us from this impending hellacious fate? In favour of such cutting the sugar in soft less....