Wednesday, 24 May 2017

Dieting Has Proven You Can't Learn Anorexia Nervosa

"Long-term weight loss maintenance in obesity: Possible insights from anorexia nervosa?" was written by a group of "eating disorder researchers" led by Loren Gianini. It caused a kerfuffle some weeks ago. I've not had the privilege of reading it, they're shy. I'm going with the seemingly self explanatory title.

Its assertion, phrased as a 'question', rests on the ever present notion that anorexia nervosa is an acquired skillset which can be learnt. Weight loss dieting rests on that basis also, making it easy to cast the failure of weight loss dieting as a failing of the person.

This is also the logic of "pro-ana"-the desire to pursue anorexia nervosa as an acceptable lifestyle. The idea was always of a pathology to counter a pretend pathology [body mass].

Weight loss dieting is and has always been proto- or early stage anorexia.

It's well known. When so much as a squeak of concern is expressed about anorexia, the swift response is often, "We have an obesity crisis!!" In other words, anorexia is allowed as "treatment" for 'obesity', those (slim/thin people) succumbing to anorexia and wasted by AN are deemed "collateral damage".

It's tea and sympathy for them and likely a big bit of cake-to build their weight back up-plus some family or other counselling.

Apart from the illusory divide, the central offence of these researchers is the feigned innocence-presenting an inherent part of the 'obesity' playbook as a new possibility. This is typical of anything within touching distance of 'obesity' right now, things that have been around for ages are dubbed new developments just discovered by research, to save face.

You could be amused at this from those getting off on lecturing others on the value and necessity of facing uncomfortable reality head-on. It's positively monstrous of them to deny themselves the privilege.

Why oh they punish themselves?

Anyhoo, the connection between proto-anorexia as; prevention, treatment, cure of 'obesity' plus "maintenance" of nobesity and anorexia nervosa is where this begins to get [slightly] interesting, throwing up the so often self-defeating nature of "noble lying".

Anorexia nervosa [AN] is not a skillset. This is something we all nominally agree on, but we actually do not. Insiders bray, anorexia is not a choice. At the same time, they and their supporters think it is. 
Let’s spend taxpayer money to help fat people learn the magic sauce that people with anorexia have mastered.
Anorexics have not mastered anything, [perhaps you could say their body has]. AN is a susceptibility or tendency if you prefer, meeting the trigger of early stage anorexia. People don't practise and become perfect, something in the has to succumb to this pressure.

Something controlling/affecting hunger and eating's neural pathways implodes or fails.

You can be a lazy bum if you are susceptible enough. The ability to start and stay on the proto-anorexic/anorexic route is likely to be part of that tendency.

This postulate is fundamentally erroneous. It misjudges what's happening with anorexics, assuming fat people need to copy them better, when the whole of dieting 'n' exercise already tries to do that. It cannot create a tendency toward anorexia. We can't copy succumbing to anorexic stimulus. 
...further research be conducted to inform interventions to facilitate these behaviors in the higher weight group and interrupt the behaviors in the lower weight group.
You can do all the behavioural research you like-I actually assumed at first that they were doing biochemical research and were seeking to chemically trigger anorexia in some aspect.

This experiment has already been done and dusted, the urge to keep repeating it unceasingly is neurosis that should be dealt with the same as any other.'Obesity' promoters like to behave as if the past hasn't happened. Using our bodies in the way they are designed is the right way to achieve whatever metabolic outcomes are required.

As for the fat phobia of 'eating disorders', that's a no-brainer, they've always been that way, even the term "eating disorders" is a product of calories in/out modality and experience. If you are going to fit your experience into their notions you've already accepted that basis.

False disconnection of proto-anorexia or dieting from anorexia nervosa causes unnecessary confusion and suffering, making it harder to understand what AN is. Saying that anorexia nervosa is the exposure of an innate tendency shouldn't affect funding. People can't help being anorexic, but they can help dieting in the main.

This divide is the voice of people under the influence of anorexia nervosa.

Tuesday, 23 May 2017


Swallowing an inflatable device to take up room in your stomach so you can starve more easily, really? And the outcome of that would be different from just starving on your own, how?
At the end of the 16 weeks, the patients were encouraged to eat a Mediterranean diet to try to maintain their weight loss.
Maintain starvation, with what technique, procedure, process, stimulus? What modus, what pathway, what model? A placebo is defined by no active effect. This is all no active effect, just the acting out of how someone thinks metabolic function ought to work, but does not. And because they can't let go, we aren't allowed to.

No one really talks about how devastating it can be to regain weight loss so achingly slowly and punitively. It is literally Sisyphean;
In Greek legend Sisyphus was punished in Hades for his misdeeds in life by being condemned eternally to roll a heavy stone up a hill. As he neared the top, the stone rolled down again, so that his labour was everlasting and futile.
People know this though don't they? That's the whole point of it these days....punishment for sin.

Monday, 22 May 2017

Dead Dogma?

Well, well, well. Could we be witnessing the spread of terminal boredom with the useless, deranged and costly 'obesity' cult? Its stupidity, its sinister, psychopathic nature, dehumanises and objectifies. It has degraded us all in some way or other. 

And the interminable nonversations about food. How many times, the person who's lost 5 stone 'cos they've gone on a diet/changed their so called lifestyle, clouds in the heavens, WTHGAD? Or is it just part of the 'obesity' industry's attempt to transfer healthcare funds to its own accounts, blocked its own rank hate campaign?

[I always wondered how they'd get around that].

Matt Ridley who describes himself as; "Author, rational optimist, Times columnist, Wall Street Journal contributor, Tory peer, Northumbrian. Keen on science, scepticism, genes, ideas having sex."


"Obesity dogma has done us a fat lot of good"
Some put on weight more easily than others and there is no point in being proscriptive until scientists are certain why
That last bit nearly sums things up. Scientists need to find out how to use the anatomy that's already regulating the body's cells and learn how to alter that slightly in the main. We are not talking about disease or pathology, we are talking about reinforcement of regulation.

We've been here many times before and Ridley has noticed the 'obesity' consistently fails on its own terms-blaming it on its quarry, so that it can keep failing and blaming it on its quarry.....

You'd think that would have been super obvious. But when we expect to produce truth-they volunteer- producing distortions and blatant fibs, with the collusion of willing pitchforking weight vigilantes, it's surprising what liberties can be taken.
At the weekend Tam Fry of the National Obesity Forum claimed implausibly that obesity now costs the state £24 billion a year. The Institute of Economic Affairs puts the cost at less than £2.5 billion, and argues that “while claims of a crippling cost are a good way to get media attention . . . they irresponsibly incite resentment of a vulnerable group”.
"Implausibly" understatement of the year.

The Institute of Economic Affairs is a free market think tank.  Even the political corner that generated established and promoted a lot of this rubbish is offering sceptical analysis off it and using language like "vulnerable group". 

How long will people tolerate these pompous bores and their joy stealing, freedom negating activities.

And note how they know full well that it is the 'obesity' industry generating this ugliness, aiming it directly the type of people who post violent pornographic images of women being tortured, in order to try and drive women off social media. 

But some fat activists are still tippy-toeing around this, parroting nonsense about how "obesity is complex", [unless complex now means a stupid time sucking waste] aping 'obesity' wranglers divide and conquer blaming of the [slim] public. Like they whispered in their ear and told them we the [fat] public are to blame.

I detest people who parrot ob trope, tripe, however, there's no question that they get permission, encouragement and support in the form of such as the so called study of no such thing as people who actually exist of last week. Followed by the offer of some more crazy shit they can stick into you.

This stuff is created for everybody, but especially trolls, haters and bitter psychologically damaged whack jobs prepared to do their dirty work of bullying people into feeling as bad as possible. And they duly oblige, behaving as if they've had a work promotion.

I remember years ago suggesting all the ugliness posted on spaces occupied by fat people on social media should be directly e-mailed to "obesity researchers" producing this ugly hateful crap, just to give them some accountability for their actions. 

I've never sent a death threat to anyone in my life but I'd be happy to send them the death threats fat people on-line get from these cretins, preferably linking to the trash references scattered amid their poisoned outpourings. Asking stuff like; "Is this incentivising enough do you think?"
Advising, hectoring and bribing people to eat less and exercise more appears to be ineffective. We have just about tested that idea to destruction. It isn’t working, and it probably will only work if it becomes fully totalitarian, with police raids on home kitchens to seek out and destroy secret stashes of biscuits.
And this might be a problem for 'obesity' wallahs, they effectively require the pursuit of inefficient calorie intake and upping energy expenditure to become the defining principle of society as well as fat people's lives. Without bothering with any open discussion of whether that should be a thing. So do they take for granted the sport of loathing fatz is an inexhaustible well.

Perhaps not?!

The other day, I saw an article on pregnancy, it totally grasped how so called advice has become a tightening noose around pregnant women's necks. With 'obesity' it has gone far further consent is not a thing. We are not expected to have any opinions feelings or views other than what we are told to by ignorant idiots who-to add insult to injury-have little imagination.
What should a government do when there’s great uncertainty about both causes and the right course of action? Experiment, of course. 
If he stopped there, he'd be bang on so I did that for him. A proper sustained science of metabolic function, concentrating on the anatomy concerned is what's missing from the picture. The 'obesity' construct needs to enter  the dustbin of history- NOW.

Government should gather together a specialist team contain only those that can think well and have zero committment to shoring up 'obesity' and its cult.  Give them a year or two to find out how metabolic function works.

I'm sure knowledge of that would "motivate" those straining every pore  to avoid finding out anything useful.

Thursday, 18 May 2017

The Real Issue

Following on from yesterday's non-debate pertaining to 'obesity' cult mythologising this is who the Independent decided to get to comment on a supposedly deeply significant highly important and definitive study consisting of 3.5 million GP records, no less.

A personal trainer cum fitness competitor, cum classic mod-elle cum fitness tutor. I think we can safely say the folks at the Indie are telling us the exact value they place on this supposed study. We hear you Indie *wink*.

So let us take a look at what this presumably scientifically minded mod-elle has to mutter on the matter.

"Yes, you can be 'fat but fit' - but don't expect to be healthy". Who expects fitness to mean health? No seriously, who does? A clue; those promoting the notion of a "healthy lifestyle".

So the whole fitness industry is worthless to anyone who is over BMI 30+? Okay, you said it. Healthy people are a "ticking timebomb" no-one is seeking to detonate. Why so desperate for us to explode? Why aren't you all running around trying to find means to manipulate our physiology into defusing the bomb that is us? 

I say this to you honestly I'm deeply disappointed. No I really mean it. By now, I genuinely thought slimz would be more into fake compassion but they can't even be arsed to do that. I'm getting quite annoyed just thinking about it.

How dare they not cry at the prospect of our passing! I keep saying this, I want, no I demand to see more tears, more hand-wringing, more mourning. Tell me what you'll miss about us, the contributions we've made, the way the world will be a poorer place with our demise etc.,

All this getting off on what you feel compels us to trying to starving ourselves again, a la TBL is disgusting.  I am not joking.

Geez, at least smack yourself in the head, pick at your face [trés dramatique for those who just have to go that extra mile]..... At least try poking your fingers in your eyes to bring on some actual fauxreal tears.

More effort at being upset all round.

When I think of the nonsense I've gone along with you lot, ....don't even get me started.

Ahem, back to Mz Thing tell us this explosion "preventable", how though? Fitness is a complete waste of time, so says she and 'obese' wallah puppet masters. The only thing left is innovation in reversing weight. Which you know is being blocked by the same people doing the shouting.

The flurry of these emphatic "It is not possible to be fat and healthy" headlines are on the basis that the pool of people above BMI 30 is more likely to contain people who develop, in this instance, 4 cardiovascular pathologies.

Starting from the basis of the 'obesity' construct, BMI 30+ = a slim person plus mass, this is meant to show the plus mass causes cardiovascular events, to acceptable mass.

But we don't all start from there. Some of us start from the universal human, indeed animal norm, that each being recognises itself as a whole entity. From that point, those who have cardiovascular fillips are more likely to be found amid BMI 30+ and perhaps under whatever "healthy people of a normal weight". That makes sense given that cardiovascular irregularities are more liable to interfere with your energy regulation and metabolic function.

The cardiovascular system plays an important role in helping to regulate energy.

Even if crossing a weight line upsets your cardiovascular system, the answer is still, benign weight reversal.

Certainly that has also been found in the past, so called 'underweight' people have been found to contain more people with vascular irregularities-I cite that because it went against the desire to assert dementia as a fat thing [which is still done regardless]. This of course does not mean all people in the thin group are going to develop dementia, simply the greater presence among them raises overall risk.

I'm not sure whether metabolic manipulation could interrupt this, I don't see why it isn't possible. The best way to gain a deeper understanding of the situation brings us straight back to finding a benign means of reversing weight. The only means we have now-starvation- is pathological and pathology inducing, that includes cardiovascular as well as metabolic problems. As well as not being fit for the purpose (supposedly) intended.

Producing these kind of studies is supposed to divert attention from this;
The real issue is whether you can be ‘fat and healthy’ and the simple answer is no
The REAL ISSUE is why isn't all this conviction isn't leading anywhere but; this is really baaad and there's too much of it, so people must do what's brought us to this point. Then we'll again complain that there's too much of it and 'prove' how bad it is in order to get people to do the same thing as ever, which means even more of this and then we'll complain about how baaad it is and insist on get the picture.

Wednesday, 17 May 2017

'Obesity' is a Myth

"Healthy obesity is a myth suggests study". The 'obesity' is a myth so the opening statement is dead on impact. The intention behind forcing weight into "overweight"/ 'obese' is part of an overall drive into pathologising human function and outcomes in this case and size. In contrast to putting a false halo over a lesser size.

"Healthy" is not an emphatic tense. Outside of actual disease or sickness it doesn't fit an either/or categorisation. If one is well, health is by degree. The point about increased risk, real or imagined, is that is not a polar situation. Remember risk is not prognosis, whether heightened or otherwise and "obesity risk" bears hypothetical association as part of its equation.

It is also said to be the case that those who manage to reduce their weight using starvation still remain at heightened risk, raising again questions of direction of causality-to pander to this bankrupt framing.

As for the subsection "metabolically un/healthy". There is some kind of cross over between metabolic activity deemed 'unhealthy' for the purposes of fat/ter people and energy conservation. Fitness is not health, you can be healthy-free from disease- and unfit, you can be unhealthy-i.e. terminally ill-and be fit, as a woman who ran numerous marathons for charity whilst being terminally ill. Her weight would have been deemed "healthy".

Even if it is true that merely being fat/ter raises worsens outcomes in the long run, that just increases the urgency of being able to manipulate metabolic function in the right way. Something the 'obesity' exists to block.

Instead we have;
The priority of health professionals should be to promote and facilitate weight loss among obese persons, regardless of the presence or absence of metabolic abnormalities.”
"Promote" starvation, which just so happens to be metabolically deranging in every way stated under "metabolic ill health" as well as not fit for the purpose of [non-pathological] weight alteration and regulation. It can't be a co-incidence that these folks long for people to think of themselves as unhealthy and insist we do what has failed and actually makes us less healthy, metabolically and otherwise. 

Friday, 5 May 2017

No More NHS Donations to the Slimming Industry

Following on from a post the other day, "News Just In: Diet's Don't Work, Again", we have, a "study" funded by WW. Rest assured they did not interfere, it's pure coincidence that this 'study' concluded we must increase the transfer of NHS funds to them.

How so?
...the move could prevent tens of thousands of cases of obesity-related diseases over the next 25 years.
So that's "obesity-related" a bullshit obfuscation and 25 yrs, m'kay.
The study found that those given a year-long pass to weight-loss classes lost more weight and were better able to keep it off than those on three-month programmes or those going it alone with self-help guides. 
Ummm, an *eyeroll* statement if ever there was one. The next thing is to examine the brazenness of this fronting, for comparison with prior outstanding achievements in that area.

Number one cute move [they think] dieting clubs are called "weight loss classes" btchplz. Typical over the last 4 decades of failure is slimz undying assumption that they know how to school us in what is mainly involuntary regulation.

1,267 people were split into three groups-one group was given a self help guide. Notice all fat people have ever wanted, to do it ourselves, is increasingly discouraged due to the previous presumption. They can do it to us better than we can do it to ourselves.

The other two groups were split between those who had instruction in the rocket science of eating less and doing more for 3 months and 12 months respectively. The latter won the war on fat.
The results show that, on average, those offered self-help guides lost 3.26kg after a year, while those offered weight loss classes for three months or 12 months lost 4.75kg and 6.76kg respectively. 
That's self-help=7lbs 2oz, 3mths=10 lbs 7oz and 12 mths= 14lbs 14 oz.

All regained at the two year point but the 12 month group won by being 4.29kgs/9lbs 7oz less than their starting weight. You do the numbers. It shouldn't need to be said this is clearly not the right way to reverse weight.

Slim people have no idea what they're doing. They can't even do what would come before this to help their poor selves. They are just performing their delusion with us aiding and abetting as if they are so mentally damaged that we cannot possibly shatter their delusions.

This sort of nonsense 'research' is the kind of toilet paper science (barely fit to wipe ya arse with) that's produced purportedly to show the effectiveness of what is mainly quack ridden areas like mood difficulties and other neuroses. Things that shhh, *whisper it* you can directly access/ alter with your own mind.

It isn't easy, sometimes it is or feels impossible, but that is why a lot of flummery can be made to look like it has reliably tangible effects i.e. refeeding, talking therapies, substance rehab and such.

Researchers, medics et al insist this is an apt model for manipulating metabolic function. You can grasp the central problem MASS and what produces it is real. It isn't thoughts, moods, habits or the product of certain experience.

You cannot tell slim people this, and sadly, fat people are still too utterly mired in supine conditioning to unholy deference to medics and health professionals especially, to get out from under supporting their vainglorious delusions. 

So in short no, do not donate any more healthcare resources to slimming club quackery, it's needed for stuff that actually does work.

Wednesday, 3 May 2017

News Just In: Diet's Don't Work, Again

Intermittent fasting, i.e starvation, isn't any better way of starving yourself than doing it everyday. Who could have predicted thus?

There are no 'types' of diet, only different ways to achieve the same end, weight loss by calorie restriction.

Weight loss diets, no matter the presentation or PR, all work through the same principle, that of starving your body of the energy it needs, full stop. They all fail the same way too. Defeated by your body's design.

When that fails, so does your life.

None of this has been worth re-defining your humanity, reality, fact, science, or physiological function for. The failure is inherent in the design of calorie restriction dieting, not in the person trying to restrict calories or their psychology, character or physiology.

Energy intake evens out regardless of how you try to soften the blow, concludes this small study of 100. The body needs what it needs. We already know all this and have known for decades, centuries even. It can join a pile that's probably higher than Everest, not including the millions of people with their scores of efforts to get and stay in this lane.

Try telling this to cal res fundamentalists though.

They still want to save self imposed starvation by pointing the finger at people.  They cannot save it. Not by threats, not by hate, not by penalty, not by mutilation.

Don't be terrorised by reports of illness, sickness and death, it's likely to put you in the kind of chronic low level but persistent stress that requires constant infusions of ready energy to sustain it. That would be "self inflicted."

Don't perceive or identify yourself as in anyway inherently pathological. Do not be sad or oppressed. Be empowered, you said no. You saw through what everybody else asserted at you volubly. You defended yourself against influential people. You stood up for yourself, no one can take that from you.

Keep flexing those muscles and strengthen them.

Don't identify as 'obese', you should be able to realise by now that it has nothing to do with you. Tend to yourself as you are, identify and deal with your actual problems. Like the ones from your actual life and past-let's face it, none of us want to. But that is the only way we will feel better about ourselves, whatever course we wish to take.

If you have too much hunger, then recognise that. Stop allowing other people's fixation on food to become yours. Take note of the pattern and extent of your hunger. Notice whether its responsive or unresponsive, that is, as you respond to it, does it lessen or not?

It should be your focus to reduce the level of activity back to normal. Just because white coats aren't interested, doesn't mean you have to go along with their disinterest.

Your diet can be more or less useful to meeting your needs, but that isn't the same as having hunger functioning that works properly, and makes sense to you.

As you cannot do that specifically, you'll have to do it globally, that is you'll have to alter the way you feel about everything. If your hunger is responsive, satiety levels palpable and real, then let yourself alone and stop trying to starve yourself.

Feel less stressed, take the things and people that don't matter less [and less] seriously. Build your courage by practising small acts of it everyday and always remember this is your life and your body.

Not someone else's argument.