Tuesday, 3 May 2011

“Real fat women”

Although sceptical of actual advantage of privileging thin in the main, one of the more surprising things to come out of this thread is how insecure a people are about their own sexual prowess and attractiveness.

Seems that when it comes to things related to sexualness fat phobia is being seen as an opportunity to to offload those insecurities onto us to make us epitomize sexual pathology.

People just cannot stop being "shocked" that anyone could possibly... or some of us actually do, even though all we hear about is fat children and their fat parents.

This "shock" is like fatty contraception.

It seems many people really need fatness to represent ugliness, sexual rejection and as fat people can never not be implicated in this kind of projection, we are also sexual refusers. Through our bodies.

"Not saying fatness is fugly of course, just that everyone thinks it is so although it isn't, that means it sort of is."

Our fatness is always 'talking' to other people. Fat at ya indeed.

It’s a tribute to my own past as a “real fat woman” that I've failed to pick up on these insecurities in others, even though its not exactly hidden.

(And note how often we are told off for various mis appropriations of real women and yet constantly accused of being "false" or "PC" when we attempt to deviate from excoriating fat hatred).

Like general body hatred has become the authenticity of slim women, fat hatred is our version of this, great.

How has it come to this in the age of feminism?

Now I see this goes deeper than I realised considering it from the pit of loathing fat bodies can become mired in.

I never quite understood the intense identification of “real women” as devastating insult to slim women, as the original point was women in the flesh v women as image, as much as it is about weight.




Basically the stereotype of unsexualness speaks to a lot of people's deeply held fears, offloading theose onto fat people is a route to settling the issue, oh the irony. Our sexual insecurities are no different than anyone else's, but if we can be made to epitomise them, everyone else can be freed!
What this shows above all is how insecure we all are and how difficult that can be to perceive in others, unless we can all agree on who's, "sexually repulsive".

I had no idea.

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