Thursday, 15 November 2012

Dr. Snow White

Poor old doctorzzzzz-again. Just because they solidly lent their gravitas to the idea that fat people are greedy lazy fools who hate our health, only needing to diet-which works-even when they knew full well it did not.

Liberating-along with scientists-the hatred that we have put up with for so long.

Just because they've recommended millions to the slimming industry "They're the experts" helped save it from being found out by linking it to the pretense that "it's all about health."

Just because they've covered up the fact that they hate the way fatter bodies are more challenging. Just because they willfully deluded themselves that what they could see wasn't working, would somehow work if they could shout and scream at their fat patients-many of them children-enough.

Just because they don't bother to direct any of their frustrations  toward "obesity research."

Just because they helped to make sure you turned into everyone's enemy, contributed hugely (yahz) to humiliating and silencing us in the process; whilst demanding they be given nothing but our unconditional love, undying (geddit) devotion and continued everlasting worship.

Just because you think they should be held accountable for their own actual, real life actions.

Doesn't mean anyone should forget for one nanosecond-they are all Snow White. 

Wednesday, 14 November 2012

Recognition doesn't automatically confer benefit


One of the things I've warned clueless slimz to wake up to is the assumption that the authority that is busy dehumanizing fat people, just happens to love them purely because they are slim. It's a comforting idea but hardly convincing.

In truth, the way they treat fat people is more likely to be the way they think about all of us. It just suits to set us against each other. A bit like those people who organize dog fighting. Pitting each dog against dog.

This is the number one rule of being in charge, learn how to delegate. Get folk to police each other, keep each other repressed and in line. Divert their attention with mutual animosity.Instead of just presuming that say, thin/slim anorexics only gain because they are recognized to the point of what is often indulgence. Test that posit by finding out whether they actually are benefiting from it, in reality.

Now I have to confess, my interest in anorexia nervosa is minimal. I've heard too much of the ideology of it for too long. Because of the insistence of PWA and their supporters to deal in their own disjointed and obscure rationale, it becomes only of interest to those who can be interested in that.
It's obvious that it doesn't appear to be doing PWA much good, nor is the rate in which anorexia occurs lessening.

Obvious and entirely predictable, if you seek to perceive human physiology through ideology rather than biology, barriers to understanding are put up.

Understanding is so often healing or the start of it.

Ideology is too often most about the demands of whatever wishful thinking you wish to invest in, and that is what takes the lead, look at politics, religion for examples.
It's not there is no truth in it, it's that this is often forced into second place by the desire to believe what one wants to believe.

So yes, fat people with ED's are suffering for lack of recognition that will give them as rational a perception of their condition as possible.
But given the rough treatment they're prepared to hand out to fat people, why presume they feel much better about slimmer people?

It would seem that the way many anorexics like to think of themselves and their condition is in line with-or has been manipulated in line with (who knows?) what the PTB is selling to the rest of us as a feasible lifestyle of calorie restriction. Which is really anorexia by another name.

How many times when the statistics concerning anorexia are pointed out as a concern is the response "But, there is an 'obesity' crisis?"

You won't be under the bus if you're still driving it

I agree with the underlying sentiment of this we can restore our self possession without using slim women's bodies. 

Though I no longer say this with any real enthusiasm. There was a time when I would have reacted against attacks on slim women's bodies with a sense of heartfelt fellow feeling.
The solution is to shake each other excitedly, all the time, and yell, as loud as you can, “You guys, aren’t bodies the coolest?!”
Sounds like a familiar feeling.
I thought..........we would go on the journey together, egging each other on.
I'm not sure exactly where the first break came from, perhaps the demand for a rename, "fat" is "alienating", which was kind of the point. Or the assumption on our part that slim women affected just as devastatingly by the hate invested in the word "fat" would revel in the chance to be free of it. 

Instead they want approval for their "fat talk" and "feeling fat."

Telling us how feminine it is to attack your body, that's what women do, anything else is FAKE! Meaning fat acceptance is of course. That knocked me off my perch. If it is fake then how do you get over the culture of tearing yourself down?

Then there was the attitude that we were most definitely not equals, no one likes you, which was a bit diverting given that slim privilege is a laughably pisspoor and hardly worth defending, the ceaseless demands for reassurance that we weren't trying to do to them what they'd already participated in doing to us.

Yeah, fat people have to reassure slimz that self restoration isn't a hostile act against them. No amount does or can or will. I could go on, but I'm already bored myself.

There are always fat people who are going to behave like this. Why are fat people expected to be any better than they?

By now, I can't tell whether my frustration is as much about trying to avoid yet another snooze-fest of whining about "real women" farrago.

Though there is amusement to be had at the over-earnest fighting for inclusion for this misappropriated term "Real Women."

I am not a real woman. Woman is realness inclusive enough for me thanks, as in: "Feminism the radical notion that women are human beings." You dig? I know other women are real too, without needing to be told this by Hanne Blank or anyone else.

It is undoubtedly wrong to abuse slimmer women's bodies. Just don't do it. I would appreciate some acknowledgement of the extent to which slim women often don't have a problem seeing themselves as the standard and defend it as if it's their birthright. 

Patronizingly lecturing fatter people that their act won't do any good in the long run is not just laughably hypocritical, it is something so many slimz obviously don't believe themselves. So why they expect some fatter people to behave any better than they I don't know.

This capacity to only see your own sin in the "sin eaters" is hardly endearing. As is usual, people seem to keep expecting FALSE superiority to pay out more than it ever does (because it is false natch).

At the base of narrow body standards is not so much fat phobia as those setting them, probably the thin/slim upper middle class/middle types who seem to populate 'obesity research' and the like, have no perspective other than their own.

They are surrounded by people just like them. They are in a state of uncritical assertion of their own spoiled behaviour and rarely encounter the kind of interruption to this, that allowed them to mug us with their BS standard in the first place.

Everyone starts out assuming they are the standard by which all should be measured.

Remember when you were a little kid and you went to nursery/primary school and first realized other kids were weird. Their families weren't just like yours. Yes! Your family's rules, laws, mores, habits, traditions were not the way things must be.

We have to learn not to do similar with bodies as well. Not to use them as the rule to measure others.

To understand the different associations applied to various body sizes means sensitivities vary. I still remember in the primary school playground, hearing a thin girl protest about how she kept being patronized as barely there. It made her feel insubstantial, lesser somehow and that really angered her.

She was strong, felt healthy and capable-as indeed was my impression of her.

I was taken aback. I'd assumed she wouldn't have any real issues with her body as she was the ideal. I've never forgotten that and made an effort to listen more carefully. To this day, I explain to those fat people who keep this habit. That they are really doing the same underlying thing we all do, using their body as a yardstick to measure others. 

To come across this in fat people doing the same as slim people, is hardly "hypocritical" it means, not every fat person is particularly thoughtful about consequences. Notably, the person who provoked the OP was formerly thin.

The many of us in fat acceptance who've never had any truck with this sort of thing feel that way, because we engage our minds critically and empathetically on the subject. We've thought it through a bit.

That is neither a product of being fat or being involved in fat acceptance, in itself. It would be nice if that wasn't taken for granted.

Of course you are going to fat people who think the same way as so many slimz still do. What would be impressive would be if it ever dawned that this is what fat people still find it difficult to escape.

Frankly, until they found the real woman thing, I was beginning to think slim people didn't get the point about an enforcement of a standard being self defeating. Well seriously, does it look like they do?

It was a little dispiriting knowing they knew it all along, but just allowed things to progress. Now we are being told that it doesn't do any good, as if we couldn't tell from the constant venting of insecurities.

That is actually a female trope now, We are women we are insecure.  I think we could see this collusion in fat hate didn't do much good. It's whether they see the end of that as more of a loss than a gain, for them.

Tuesday, 13 November 2012

The real lesson of eating whilst having an emotion is .....

You're alive!

Okay, I know what this is about. They mean that stimulus to your nervous system, i.e. emotions/feelings, shunts eating processes into gear.

Rather like smoking a spliff can too, because it stimulates part of the eating process located in your brain, in a more direct way. I'm pretty sure smoking a doobie is not an emotion.

When a certain level of tension has built up in your system, rather like a clenched fist makes your hand act as one and an open palm means you can animate parts more distinctly, with less engagement of what isn't needed.

Tension tends to drag more processes into play than the you intend. That's one of the reasons it is so exhausting. Flexibility tends to reduce activity to the necessary, encouraging the flow of energy.

There are three main approaches to healing that I know of. Directly attacking the pathology, epitomized by western medicine's magic bullets-though a pretty universal impulse.

To ease and relieve everything but the pathology, i.e. things that support and maintain our everyday well being like Tai Chi, meditation and other alternative exercise therapies. By resting, refreshing our bodies as a whole, we encourage self repair and self healing

Or combinations of both.

I've never liked the intensity of focus on eating disorders as if that is the person. Rather than the second supporting the person as a whole. In this case, calming down the nervous system as a whole.

In other words calming and reviving you as a whole person.  Focus on the 'disease' can end up making it seem to be you and you seeing yourself as it.

A combination, the third approach means yes, you might well have to look at the way you see yourself, the world and your interactions with it. How you (feel you) fit your overall view of everything. 

The current favoured approach is to me bizarre and frankly at times repellent.  It tends to be avoiding both seeing you as a whole person and questioning the way you see yourself. No doubt due to the implications.

Identifying a person as their-real or assumed- pathology (sound familiar?) and encouraging people to see themselves through it, as if it's an identity is the current theme du nos jours.

Conditions are taken very, very seriously indeed-as if unseriousness is  somehow crux of the problem. Inducing a fatalistic "I'll never get ovah this" line, a gap for another set of toxic pills with minimal efficacy to be produced.

Concentrating on an image of wounded, damsels in distress, yet brave and noble in their sufferings/fight against this terrible 'illness.' As if the interest is the eating disorders not the person.

Make a real worshipful cult out of it. A full on irrelevant Gothic melodrama.

Increasing the prospect of them feeling barren and lost without it.

Saturday, 3 November 2012

Addicted to Addiction

Still trying to find a civil response to some of the points expressed in the comments to this. In the meantime I made the error or following one of the links to a post mentioned.

It begins;
A third of the population could be addicted to food and the problem should be treated as a medical condition, says an addiction expert.
It continues;
Professor Doug Sellman believes the symptoms of being hooked on food are similar to those seen in drug and alcohol addicts, but those grappling with the affliction receive no support or funding. 
Really, so what's this like? Similar to symptoms found in drug and alcohol addicts. That's right, fat people experience these things from being fat 'addicted to food'.

Haven't you noticed that you have been as high as a kite for years? Well don't worry, there's "research" to fill you in. Notice how fat people keep needing to be told the most obvious things about ourselves from 'research"?

As if we aren't aware of our own existence or something.

All will be revealed; the totally altered reality, filled with visual and auditory hallucinations, intense feelings of pleasure, lowered inhibition, messed up co-ordination etc.,

The real shock is that all this can happen without you even noticing, but hey, neither did your family or friends. Unlike the addiction of drugs and alcohol which can be viewed objectively by others.

But don't let me deprive you of more of the hard stuff;
Like people with methamphetamine, you don't get the shaking but it's the craving, feeling deprived and really needing it.
I see what he did there. It's not like methamphetamine at all, which necessitates mentioning it. Like don't think of an elephant. What else is it not like/ like?
"It's like they need those particular foods as if their lives depended on it.
I confess! I sometimes do feel like my life depends on particular foods, especially if I wish to eat that particular food and not any other. That comes out of our basic leaning toward seeking energy. Our primary nutrient need means we all have an in-built and powerful attraction towards energy dense foods. It's even part of the attraction (and effect) of alcohol.

I think this is about my fave;
The need for food "hijacks" the brain's limbic system, which is responsible for the body's survival instincts - in effect, the brain tricks the body into needing more and more food.
The necessity of food hijacks the very system helping to ensure we fulfil the necessities of survival-such as eating.

Okay. This is not really understanding how eating and food functions. That's true of most 'food addiction' experts/advocates. They trade on the 'obesity' cult hype, which places the direction of its definitions totally in the hands of professionals and is then applied to the people concerned. It's not direct observation. 
Like drug addictions, people addicted to food needed increasingly large "hits".
 Sounds like they'll need increasingly large "shits" too.
Even though they know it's bad for them, they still just feel this drive to eat.
Oh you know these people can't hear themselves at all. No critical faculties are being engaged internally, or externally.