Tuesday, 30 December 2014

Fat People: Come out with your hands up, it's all over

Shamateur scientist and warrior for truth Katie Hopkins has exposed our "excuses" completely. According to her, because she deliberately chose to gain weight by over then underfeeding herself. That's something to do with a spontaneous body led change in weight. She didn't of course choose a more accurate test of the effectiveness and sustainability of lifestyle anorexia-which would have been to just underfeed herself and stay artificially thin, indefinitely.

Her experience is worth more than that of millions if not billions of attempts to sustain the proto-anorexia lever. Power indeed! 

'Tis somewhat in the vein of me suggesting that deliberately giving myself a fit, then 'recovering' by not doing so, has got something to do with her [spontaneous development of] epilepsy. And before you're too appalled, don't think a mind that thinks like hers isn't making that connection either.

Yes, its not the best to compare being fat, with eccentric brain function, but I'm making the point that those who continually ride fat people's arses are simply not hearing the dissonance in their own minds. Because the usual rules don't apply to fat people, we continually become a place where minds try to resolve their own conundrums. Usually, as in this case, its some kind of displacement.

Hopkins is using fat people as a way of trying to convince her own mind that she can exempt herself from her own way of judging the human condition.

By describing to herself, how fat people can "help it" she is trying to set herself in the opposite of that, to quash her own doubts about her own condition. Doubts that created by her own worldview in the first place. Short of her actually dropping her beliefs-which is her ultimate taboo-you can see this is unresolvable.

We all have these, some are however more "self-inflicted" than others.

Actually her epilepsy doesn't seem to be any different to any other condition. It can be affected, to whatever degree, by the mental states one habitually inhabits and her mind knows this.

That's doesn't seem to be good enough for her though. She wants a more definitive, I cannot help myself, due to what I can help myself, would mean to her.

Like Linda Kelsey, people like Hopkins can't seem to grasp, this way of seeing things is ultimately unsustainable. They're either canny (hypocritical) enough to avoid letting it exhaust them-Hopkins-or only catch on and exempt themselves, after a severe mental beating-Kelsey.

Which is often when their judgement of others goes into overdrive.

Suddenly, the break applied by having to live by their own judgements i.e.consequence is relieved and the person stupidly allows themselves to careen into flagrant self righteous mode.

Don't mind them. 

It was amusing when our metabolic researcher exclaimed that she hated fat people for making her over/underfeed herself for pay. It's so entirely in keeping with her character, that she can't pass that off as a joke.

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