Monday, 22 December 2014

Children Need Wisdom not Mindwarps

An FA blog featured a submission about a children's book "Don't call me Fat!" The book itself is a newer tranche of 'obesity' propaganda assaults on fat children. On its face it pretends to play nice, but it polices both fat and slim children into their accepted roles. Instead of interrupting and overthrowing the 'obesity' discourse, making it clear that fat hate is the fault of fat haters, it seeks to justify it.

If that sounds harsh, try comparing it with the author's book on bullying, where it's made clear other people's bullying is down to them, not you;
A bully can make you feel like its your fault that they are picking on you, even though this isn’t true.
Too right. The book on fat says;
It doesn’t matter whether you are a child or an adult, weighing more than is healthy can stop you from doing fun things like running, jumping, swimming, and climbing as far and as fast as others.
That's the point where you say people expect this, but it's not up to them to tell you what your body can or can't do. You're allowed to find out. That's really a lot of the point of childhood and it can last a lifetime. Remember when, children=potential? It abruptly says at one point that there's no excuse for this;
Sometimes when you are overweight, people will try to make you feel bad about it or tease or bully you because you are not the same as them. Teasing or bullying people for how they look is mean and is never the right thing to do. 
This tired lip service isn't good enough. You need to break it down and state categorically that people are seeking to undermine you. To change your feelings of yourself to the precise 'obese' trope mentioned. And here's a way not to fall for it. i.e. Remember that your body is you and it is you that is living it, not anyone else. Not even your mum or dad.

It's the new thing, to mix some phoned in unconvincing stab at "sympathy." It gives the impression that fat phobia is as nice as the tone its impersonating. It should include that too, that people can bully whilst seeming to be nice. If you feel a bit confused after someone has spoken to you this way. You've probably just had an experience of it.

Its playing on the urge of people to see their abuse of fat children and adults as doing good, the other fat phobes who don't "sugarcoat" their vindictiveness are the bullies, not them. Remember, this is "a first introduction to...";
Anyone can be a bully. It could be a boy or a girl a person on their own or in a gang. It can even be an adult. A bully can pick on you and leave you out of games.
Indubitably. Back to the fat book;
It can make it hard to find clothes that feel comfortable. and it can make you feel as if you are very different from others and that you don’t fit in.
People feel self conscious about their size if it is greater than the norm, ask tall children-or anyone who was about that. See them slouching in embarrassment. The key is reassurance, not to stick the knife in.

I'm sure it helps that they aren't cast as a disease and relentlessly told that they'll never be able to gain control of limbs that long. That they'll never move them as fast as shorter limbed people. And how they feel so awful about that.

I think you'll find fat children feel as human as other children, until they're taught otherwise- ceaselessly branded obese this and obesity that.

Expect lots of lot's of lovely anklebiters earnestly regurgitating this kind of bollocks in the near future. Without wishing to overstate the point (moi?) this really is an abuse of their trust and intelligence before you even get to the effects on a fat child. This aggression is so hard to deal with. What is wrong with these people? Can they really be this incapable of controlling this urge?

What's more, this tripe is written by an alfalfa sprouting, quinoa exhausting eco-twit psychotherapist. When the mind police are on the case, its time to say eh-oh.

There's no need for the fat book if she can't do any better than this. If its too hard to see a living breathing child rather than 'obesity'. Then she should have just used her bully book and inserted references to fat/ness. Give fat children the bully book-the "how to use this book" part is especially instructive for parents of bullied children. It even gives a list of others on that subject.

Forewarned is forearmed.

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