Monday, 30 April 2012

You rule/r?

"Overweight" is too busy being a shockingly open state of impacted self absorption to be much of an insult. "Compared to me, you are too much, you are over" For your information, we weren't.

The other side of that is "[Compared to me] you aren't fat", ditto, I mean, were we?

There's also "Oooh, you're so dinky, so small, oh you are itty bitty!" so on so vomit inducing, as if it's a compliment to be belittled, as if being small/er somehow equals insignificant or insufficient in some way.

People who, for want of a better word, essentialize size seeing others, not as entities in their own right with their own internal and external laws, but how you are in comparison to the big I am, shows again that the the 'obesity' crusade mentality operates on a shared basis of thought of the mainstream bourgie/ pseudo bourgie mindset.

The solipsism trammelled into the former has not been interrupted, rather it's become the model for everyone. Or was until some of us started-again- to opt out.

Fat hating thinz haven't been "brainwashed" they're just acting natural and haven't been interrupted but indulged. We probably all start off seeing other people this way, some of us get over it.

Like when we were brand new and presumed everyone's family functioned just like our own and were shocked to realise that other families behave totally differently; what? Those fatz who see themselves as the yardstick for everyBODY have the same mindset as the over-indulged thinz.  They haven't been interrupted much either, but for different reasons.

They're all what about the truly fat? Well what about them? They don't actually get to decide who is and isn't fat, when that is already clear. When I see someone else, I don't compare them to myself, I see them in their own right. If they're 60lbs less than me but I can see are robust and sparkly eyed, I wouldn't dream of patronizing them with how dinky they are compared to me, because I don't, what for?

There's no point when you're done with playing disease or seeing yourself as "overweight".

Thursday, 12 April 2012

Citizen's Pain

The citizens medical centre of Victoria Texas insist they're a "community owned hospital". Awwww, isn't that nice? Yet some of the community aren't fit to be employed by what they "own". Firstly there's an employment dispute featuring distinctly prejudiced impulses.
Brown [hospital chief executive] wrote that he felt “a sense of disgust” that more “Middle-Eastern-born” physicians were demanding leadership roles at the hospital. “It will change the entire complexion of the hospital and create a level of fear among our employees,” he wrote.
I see. If you're thinking Arabian peninsula, think more, the Indian subcontinent ahem, aspect.

As if that wasn't enough, if your body mass index is above 35 this hospital has no use for your talents. It's overrun with more brilliance than it can handle. Such as that which produced its new employment policy, by the way, what is that policy?
It states that an employee’s physique “should fit with a representational image or specific mental projection of the job of a healthcare professional,” including an appearance “free from distraction” for hospital patients.
“The majority of our patients are over 65, and they have expectations that cannot be ignored in terms of personal appearance,” hospital chief executive David Brown said in an interview.
Okay, the pointless and distracting over-sensitization to fatness by 'obesity' crusaders is being framed as something generated by the visual impact of fat bodies?! It then implicates seniors without direct attribution for purportedly being unsettled by this.

Even if we are to take that on face value; why isn't that a wake up call? When "obesity related" hysteria is diverting sick people's energy  from their recovery;  rather than another opportunity to impose yourself on fat people?

To punish them yet again for the failure of the churlish classes to get over the delusions of their own invincibility. Seriously, just how long are fat haters with influence going to string out their rank bad grace about their failed cals in/out strategy?


I can just about see through the usual deranged confusion of fat haters, to get some sense of a general point about the appearance du fatz, but I sense there's still something I'm just not getting.
Mostly, it [the policy] references physical appearance, and puts overweight applicants in the same category as those with visible tattoos or facial piercings.
Wait so distinct rotundity is distracting to older folk because their feeble minds view it as on the tatts piercings five coloured hair gothic emo etc., spectrum and can't cope?

People love the creativity of fat hating, it matches the playing at sciency-ness of current "obesity science/medicine." Everyone feels free to make up their own rules and live in strange little universe within the nice safe bounds of authority validated idiocy. We see parts of people's psyches tussle with others. Trying to tell themselves things their defences usually block; by shouting them at fat people.

From the space vacated by fatz learned estrangement from ourselves, comes a mental theme park. As scintillating as this all is for us fatz to witness, we are still going to have to evict this bullshit to reclaim a righteous inner direction. Because too many of us are running out of patience.

 Brown should have read his hospital's own website;
Severe obesity is a disease. It is not a character defect, or simply lack of will power.  Excess weight impacts your health, your self-esteem, and your relationships.
They sound pretty sure of all three and why not? All the striving to deliberately bring these effects about in order to cite them as the impact of "weight", must help to give a deep sense of security.

Brown goes on huffily;
“We have some people who are applicants and they know the requirements, and we try and help them get there but they’re not interested,” he said. “So that’s fine, they can go work somewhere else.”
I wonder if there's a reason for that lack of interest;
Diet and exercise are ineffective in severe obesity. Chances are good you've been down that road before. You've done "yo-yo" dieting which only hurts your body and increases your feelings of hopelessness. Each diet failure makes you feel like a failure. 
Again, from the bariatrick section of this hospital's own website. When they're ready to cut a person into acceptability for profit, they can manage to face the truth they choose to suspend, when they feel like it.

Questions on the legality of this have centred on fatness not being a "protected" category like race or sex. But I keep thinking; why do laws keep having to be written to regulate human decency?

How can you deny people the right to pursue their livelihood, for reasons not to do with suitability or competence?  And who exactly is expected to pick up the slack re employing fat people? What do you expect people to do, panhandle, starve to thinness because you insist on taking the existence of fat people as a personal affront?

I keep thinking this must already be impinging some law or other;
This Court has long maintained that

the right to work for a living in the common occupations of the community is of the very essence of the personal freedom and opportunity that it was the purpose of the [Fourteenth] Amendment to secure.
Somebody needs to answer for this in court. Let's see how it is justified under oath.

Monday, 2 April 2012

One Vision

Fat people have no place in 'obesity' except as mute objects. The theory of our dismissal is that we are the voice that is our (definition as) intrinsic pathology.There is no separation between us as people and the pathology that is us.

This ends up closely referencing madness and/or neurosis. When that takes over a person's mind, it can begin to speak through them,becoming their voice. At least with madness, there's some recognition that this is a process, not a starting place.

We have become like someone dispossessed by an invader. In that case, it is obesity and fat haters that have invaded and are giving us lines in place of our thoughts and voices.

Mostly say 'obesity' hype is unnecessary, inaccurate and bad policy regardless of the actual "risks" or otherwise of being a fat person.

Any dispensing of that hype is seen as "denialist."Of what though? This is our bodies, our lives, our experience, the denial is of our sentience by those who wish to repress that and keep us all with one vision, theirs.

One of the things I've only really noted latterly, is the extent to which fat people do not appear in fat science. The study of 'obesity' is the study of the abstraction of fat people as pathology, rather than the conclusions written by the study of actual people. If everyone's so confident they know fat, why don't they show that?
Some studies suggest that the connection between body mass index and premature death follows a U-shaped curve. This would mean that weighing too much—or too little—isn't as healthy as some middle weight. The main problem with this idea is that most of these studies included smokers and individuals with early but as-yet undetected chronic and fatal diseases.

But that is exactly what is done for fat people! No matter what health challenges a fat person may face, they're deemed related to 'obesity'. This is rightly seen as a distortion of the 'risks' associated with thinness. Many fat people agree with this, they have a consistent line across the spectrum;
Potentially deadly chronic diseases such as cancer, emphysema, kidney failure, and heart failure can cause weight loss even before they cause symptoms and have been diagnosed. So low weights don’t necessarily cause early death. Instead, low weight is often the result of illnesses or habits that may be fatal.
 [my emphasis]

Exactly. But its "extreme" if you say the same thing about the other side of that U.

It reports that slimmer people are more likely to smoke, this does seem to be the case. In abstract that adjustment may have merit. However people aren't abstract and in real life, slimmer people are more likely to smoke which impacts on their mortality. Weight prognosis on paper, cannot form the basis of what's going on off paper, in real life.

Note too the laughable, query about as undetected chronic and fatal diseases. Are they kidding, how could you possibly separate that in fat people, when the whole point of 'obesity' is it is a palpable/immediate threat to life.
Meanwhile,the prevention and control of obesity has become a major public health priority for chronic disease prevention.
How does this differ from the chronic pre-diagnosis conditions of thin people?

There is one vision about how to see weight, its already there, its just for some reason, 'obesity' adherents wish to heavier weight into something it it's not.

Sunday, 1 April 2012


Either you believe in the reality of people or your idea of their reality. When it comes to fat people and the widely touted ideas about them, you either believe in the ideas, or the entirety of people.

You have to make a choice and you make a choice through the one which feels more compelling to you. People or the ideas you have about people.

The distance between the failure of expected and actual result is too great.

It is not possible to believe fat people are as fully human as any others and believe a lifestyle centred around calorie expenditure is tolerable and can make and keep them slim.

One or other has to give. Either you'll move towards accepting the inherent failure of the lifestyle, or you'll move towards the inherent faultiness of (fat) human beings.

The difference is like that between humanism or deity-which if you aren't a believer must be an abstraction of the mind. 

"Lose like a man"

T/W For weight loss dieting.

I see WW are trying to repeat the inroads they made into the consciousness of white mainstream middle class/aspirant folk. As usual travelling on the tracks laid by 'obesity' cultism, they're seeking to widen their market in terms of race, class and sex.

In this case to men, black men in particular. They've possibly been most to the edge of weight loss diet culture and are presumably now being seen as a potential untapped opportunity in an overly saturated market. Presumably, less likely to know the bitter sweet 'joy' of being told exactly what to eat and when by commercial interests. And being blamed when that doesn't tame biology.

This is helped along by increasingly vocal fat haters amongst black communities who are seeking to use it to repeat one of the more tiresome aspect of being black. The eternal "This why BP's are in the state we're in" blah, blah.

Diet and fatness are added as current favoured ah-ha tools to 'prove' supposed the supposed degeneracy of BP with their appetite for "self destruction".

Insufficiently abject veneration of pathology as the response to health issues is represented as black people's ignorance/ carelessness about themselves.

Not to speak of another round of the agenda of those who deem "lower class" blacks too uppity. Like the universal race of shame dealers, they can sniff out an opportunity to stymie the progress of others with some grinding social shame, to make them seem better without doing anything directly.

Black people are the most shamed race of people on earth, yet according to these types it's just not enough, because we are too fat. Urrgh.

Anyway, the major weapon for this slimming industry sortie is Charles Berkeley in a dress.

He seems admirably comfortable in his attire though the way he negotiates his walk up in cuban heels made me laugh, with not a little knowing. There isn't the usual bad feeling I can get from black men dolled up. Even his hair shaking/ flicking feel more like a mutual understanding, rather than a vicious uppercut of judgement  too many dragged up BM seem to feel the need for.

(Martin Lawrence, Eddie Murphy etc.,, I'm thinking of you. Mind you.)

Why this vision of CB is going to encourage black or any other men to go on diets I can't say.

It's a pretty desperate sounding script that doesn't feel like it quite knows how to get its message across. Taken out of it's usual context of talking down to women, it's trying to find something similar for men. But can't find the tender spot to jab its finger into the male psyche prompting them to drop everything and make dieting imperative. Something that can create the same mutual collusion of agreed falsehood, like holiday/bikini season, going to a wedding/getting wed etc.,

Bikini bodies-it is bodies that wear clothes, not clothes that wear bodies, or pre wedding-if the person proposed marriage to you as you are Often it's preparation for living some dream of feminine perfection.

The equivalent with heterosexual men would be gettin' with the laydeez. If they can link losing weight to becoming a chick magnet then it could be game on. Not that I'm here to give them any ideas.

In this ad the BS machismo feels laughably out of date, a sort of men by numbers-was it actually written by a man I wonder? With it's talk of being able to have "man food" that's food to the rest of us, it seems rather condescending echoing the inane you can have chocolate on this diet!!!

When it comes to the idea of men being drawn into weight loss diet culture, "lose like a man" is about right.