Monday, 30 April 2012

You rule/r?

"Overweight" is too busy being a shockingly open state of impacted self absorption to be much of an insult. "Compared to me, you are too much, you are over" For your information, we weren't.

The other side of that is "[Compared to me] you aren't fat", ditto, I mean, were we?

There's also "Oooh, you're so dinky, so small, oh you are itty bitty!" so on so vomit inducing, as if it's a compliment to be belittled, as if being small/er somehow equals insignificant or insufficient in some way.

People who, for want of a better word, essentialize size seeing others, not as entities in their own right with their own internal and external laws, but how you are in comparison to the big I am, shows again that the the 'obesity' crusade mentality operates on a shared basis of thought of the mainstream bourgie/ pseudo bourgie mindset.

The solipsism trammelled into the former has not been interrupted, rather it's become the model for everyone. Or was until some of us started-again- to opt out.

Fat hating thinz haven't been "brainwashed" they're just acting natural and haven't been interrupted but indulged. We probably all start off seeing other people this way, some of us get over it.

Like when we were brand new and presumed everyone's family functioned just like our own and were shocked to realise that other families behave totally differently; what? Those fatz who see themselves as the yardstick for everyBODY have the same mindset as the over-indulged thinz.  They haven't been interrupted much either, but for different reasons.

They're all what about the truly fat? Well what about them? They don't actually get to decide who is and isn't fat, when that is already clear. When I see someone else, I don't compare them to myself, I see them in their own right. If they're 60lbs less than me but I can see are robust and sparkly eyed, I wouldn't dream of patronizing them with how dinky they are compared to me, because I don't, what for?

There's no point when you're done with playing disease or seeing yourself as "overweight".

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