Friday, 30 September 2016

Locus of Control

There are many arguments I thought fat phobes would never have the effrontery to try and make. One is asserting that fat people who tell the truth about CRIWL have an outer locus of control. Most think of us this way its fair to say.

Locus of control refers to where you tend to see control over you and your life laying. Having an outer locus of control means you are more fatalistic, you feel controlled/affected by people or events outside yourself.

Having an inner locus of control means you feel you are mainly the arbiter of your own life. The latter is supposed to show a better sense of personal responsibility. It's supposed to be a sign of a healthier personality.

I was reminded of l of c when the other day a woman spoke about her attempts to lose weight to conceive a baby; dietician, gym, psychologist, etc., CRIWL has always been sold as "personal responsibility"-inner locus of control.

And though this relied solely on effort from her, the real control is outside. Meaning she had an inner locus of control seeing it correctly as up to her, but the actual control is outside her. There should in fact be a match. The real locus of control should be inside too. This sums up what I've been advocating all this time.

Believing, indeed, knowing that your weight should be alterable by you isn't the problem, lack of the right means and tools to do it is. That's the ultimate distinction here. Forget what anyone else says, whether fat phobe or fat activist. The capacity is there, the willingness from fat people has always been there. It is the means that has been denied and is still being denied. In favour of control from outside. Whilst posing as the inner failure of people.

I finally managed to get through enough of the thick smoke of pro-anorexia spiel enough to identify a potentially shared symptom of all eating/hunger disorders-that sorts it out from an almost. When hunger function passes either too others-usually anorexia, or to ones conscious mind.

I'm not talking about concern with ingredient sourcing or meal preparation, I mean the actual urge to eat is no longer internal but has passed into significantly external or conscious.

Typically, anorexics reach a stage where everyone around them is acting as their hunger. As its replacement. Asking them if they want to eat- that's hunger. Offering them certain prized foods or stuff they might like-that's appetite.

You can see CRIWL/WLD matches that symptom exactly. Except in this case, dieting/CRIWL relies on seeking to pass your hunger function from physiology, to psychology. To the conscious mind.

It is one of the features of its inherent malfunction, things such as calorie counting, weighing food seek to teach this symptom. With hunger/eating disorders, that's more likely to be an unintended consequence.

Thursday, 29 September 2016

Your Life as a Metabolic Adjunct

Adjunct adj; A thing added to something else as a supplementary rather than an essential part.
You may know that I've always said that drugging neuroses is not a good idea. By neurosis I'm referring to things like; depression, anxiety, obsessive compulsive disorders and disorders of eating and hunger. Basically, imbalance in the functioning of the nervous system.

I recognise the need for drugs. There are a very small minority whose neurosis is a product of an abnormal nervous system, that malfunctions regularly. Their system needs to be brought up to par. Overlapping with them are those who's neurosis is at the most extreme end. At that point neurosis can become psychosis.

My objection is essentially that the nature of the nervous system is inherently self-correcting. The way it is working can be interrupted and altered by its own seat-the brain-which we have a conscious part under our charge. We feel that part of the brain is us.

So why commit to drugs as the answer when we have/are not exploring the means to use our minds to adjust our minds/brains/ nervous system function?

This is inevitable. You cannot evade it. If drugs work, they achieve the same end, stimulating/suppressing malfunction in that system. Indeed, many of these drugs are as much vehicles for invoking the so called placebo effect as they are effective in and of themselves. The placebo effect here especially, is just the assumption that this are making you better.

That is an example of your mind, interrupting your mind.

So we might as well bite that bullet with real vigour.

Instinctive objection to drugging the nervous system into submission is normal. Drug companies use of the notion of neurosis as your "illness" which you needed "medicine" for, was used to bypass that.

When really a lot of it is about convenience. So what? No one needs to hide from that. In societies where we expect machine-like infallibility from ourselves and each other, having to do anything to keep going can become part of that.

Accepting that you are weighing up that need in taking drugs helps you to keep an eye out for when that changes. When a bit of space opens up for you. A chance to try and deal with underlying issues. Or when you're tired of crude chemical manipulation.

Lifestyle, which is really a euphemism for your life, is even worse than a pill for every ill. Drugs are at least convenient and trigger your mind to help itself, lifestyle brings nothing, it only takes. It's all your effort framed as if it somehow isn't.

It cannot be classed as "treatment" it brings no active ingredient. No technique, no help, just exhortations. Like the preacher in the pulpit. There's barely any discernible placebo either most of the time. Tellingly, it also avoids adjusting your nervous system. Just like careless drugging, it doesn't bother to make use of your nervous system's ability to self correct and adjust.

Which is just as necessary and inevitable as adjusting it for your mental health.

Lifestyle has pretentions that it is a life built around healthy habits, when really it is groundhog day. Every day recreating a failing strategy. Ending up treating your life as an adjunct, a metabolic adjustment. What is designed to adapt is left to continue whilst your life is pressed to be a switch for it, day after day after day.

Your. Whole. Life.

Wednesday, 21 September 2016

'Obesity' Promotion Drunkards

If you've ever tried to talk to anyone that's absolutely hammered, you'll know the difficulties in attempting to communicate with them. I do not mean someone who's squiffy, I mean falling down drunk. You cannot guarantee that they'll understand even a simple sentence like: "The cat sat on the mat."

Not because they lose language facility, but due to you being unable to know which if any of those words will register in terms of comprehension. They may understand "cat" but not sat, on the or mat. Furthermore, if you said that three times, you could not predict that they'd mis/understand the same things one, two or even three out of three times.

That is the nature of the mind of someone who's throughly sozzled and, someone who's under the influence of the 'obesity' ideology. 'Obesity' malarkey intoxicates minds,
“Obesity is costing the NHS £16bn a year. We at Obesity Action Campaign are alarmed by this. Obesity causes cancer, diabetes, heart disease and liver cirrhosis. It is the HIV of our age. It is killing millions of our patients,” he said.
That's Dr. Jude Oben. I left the link to his website as in the video featured on it-a 2012 interview with Sky-he can barely keep a straight face. The man has laughing eyes and nearly corpses at the start and especially the end of the interview- whilst trying to convince that millions dying, millions dying. Never once telling the interviewer that he is one of the costly dying ones. Which is lucky because he appears in on the joke too.

Oben goes on to tell us that he is raising awareness *puke*.

No one bothers to tease him about why he has to raise awareness of millions dying. Of why we wouldn't have noticed "the HIV of our age." It's the usual 'obesity' spiel, with one of my faves, predicting that in so and so years, 'obese's will be 50% of the population.

In other words people like himself will be just as much or even more useless than they are now. That is their plan of course and pretty much has been for the last few decades.

How much longer will we allow them to get away with this do you think?

Monday, 19 September 2016

Saving Money

Alcoholism like many other dependencies/compulsions is susceptibility + exposure. Some have a heightened susceptibility;
They had a nip, and then another. “It tasted horrible,” Blaise recalls. “But something clicked. I suddenly felt relaxed and at peace.
Samuel Blaise on his first experience with alcohol whilst bunking off with a school friend aged 12.

Others have greater exposure before their system succumbs.

Given alcohol genuinely exacts a toll in terms of healthcare costs, human misery and other social costs, you'd think any prospect of effective treatment for alcoholism would be leapt at by those in healthcare. You'd not be correct in that perfectly reasonable assumption though. The authorities dragged their feet despite lobbying from organisations representing former alcoholics. Plus;
...the backlash from the detox industry was swift and ferocious. There was also pushback from some members of Alcoholics Anonymous (AA), which he says promotes a culture of total abstinence.
That goes even deeper,
“They function like a church.......suddenly, scientists arrive with a medication and rationally explain that a biological issue can be fixed. Suddenly, you don’t need abstinence, you don’t need a higher being. The very basis of the church comes crashing with it.”
Yeah, suddenly science.
Blaise says that while he greatly respects members, he has heard a sentiment akin to “you don’t deserve to be cured” from the AA crowd. This makes sense, he says, because to be in a constant state of craving is unthinkably hard. “You need to be at war with yourself to remain sober, minute after minute, day after day. AA people spend years, or even decades before they finally reach a state of indifference towards booze, whereas those of us who take Baclofen have to fight a mere few weeks.”
And there we have it. When a pathology is or is perceived to be caused/triggered by consumption it often becomes a vehicle for morality, like sports or art is for others. The people who go in for this cannot accept their own irrationality, so they cloak their urges in rationale calling it "debate" using (pseudo)science terms. This infestation by moralitis shuts down science due to it nurturing the urge to hold the quarry's feet to the fire. That fire being a fight with the unbearable.

I underlined that part becuase people are still resisting the observation that the desire is not to cure, it is to force them to be subject to the distress and pain of battling with their own bodies. To be imprisoned in their own selves.

In this case - the craving is for alcohol. If the moralists are able to get a hold of things, they pretend nothing is everything and the cure. That nothing being abstinence, which is literally not-a-thing. It's, "Stop drinking", ignoring that the very inability to stop- defines alcoholism.

Nothing predictably fails to work, which has to be the target's fault. It's their addiction, illness etc., and the aforementioned battle becomes the person's permanent state. They are deemed a "recovering" alcoholic etc.,  When really, that -ing indicates continuation of the problem. The evidence of it is the very craving that torments. Those sodden with guilt are persuaded this is somehow their penance for ever having the nerve to be susceptible to alcoholism.

It is "self-inflicted"

"Recovery" of this sort is merely the establishment of incompetence as the standard-in place of actual treatment, remedy or cure. Thus the appearance of doing something, whilst doing nothing is maintained.

In essence alcoholism is the template for phony baloney 'obesity' pseudo-science. With the same pretence of declaring 'disease', it seeks to set fat people up with a fight with hunger. No matter the cost.

Baclofen the drug in question is not without its problems, to put it mildly, however, the pursuit of real remedy means perhaps other genuine remedies for the horror that alcoholism will be found. Undoubtedly better than the falsely moralized degeneracy we have now.

Where people are permitted to die slowly, with a weeping chorus of loved ones strewn around, because the compulsion to lock people into futile battles with internal biochemical imbalance is allowed its head.

Caring saves lives and ££££'s people.

Monday, 12 September 2016

Stop Pricing People

It's been noted that the most self consciously racist of all usually love the fat phobic cult. The other day I happened to catch one of them claiming to the effect of "54% of Black women are 'obese'." Accompanied by its source-the bureau of bullshit stats division that always accompanies 'obesity' promotions inc.

A "field" that purports to be science yet pursues damage, over physiology, degradation over increasing well-being, mutilation over conservation. One that has achieved nothing in 40 years. In little more than half that time, proper scientists almost slayed a virus without figuring out the puzzle of that fiendish strain.

This master racial unit then cried;"You are paying for this" or somesuch unconvincing pretence "you"=White people. Women not men, because of course AA men fail to fit into the 'obesity' construct lifestyle cause fiction, by failing to match women statisically.

It brought home again that Black women are being put in the position of being price tagged thanks to this wretched up to no account cult.  One plenty of Black people don't have any problems with. 

Wednesday, 7 September 2016

Real Medicine

My attention was drawn to the story of Abdul Jabbar Tunio. He is a Pakistani vegetable seller who's been felled by a haywire metabolism. This has produced aggressive weight gain over the last 20 or so years of his life. Matters have come to a head and he is currently in intensive care having reached 42 and a half stones /595lbs/270 kgs.

Due to the factors that have produced this gain, Tunio has gone from being immobile over the last few months to a state of semi-consciousness.

What's quietly compelling about his story is the entirely sane, honest and apt responses of everyone concerned. His family are genuinely grief-stricken and have searched vainly over the last few months for means to remedy his condition.
Jabbar’s brother, Abdul Haleem Tunio, and his nephew stare at his body, lying in a bed in the ICU, with heavy hearts. “Jabbar has been unable to drink, eat or talk since the day he arrived at the hospital on Tuesday,” Haleem told The Express Tribune with tearful eyes.
They did not see him as just a "shut-in" or someone getting what he deserves. A political representative got involved and acted in a perfectly straight-forward way;
The 39-year-old patient suffering from morbid obesity was brought from Larkana to the JPMC on Tuesday on the direction of Pakistan Peoples Party chairperson Bilawal Bhutto Zardari.
[My emphasis.]

The response of the medical professionals has been what you'd expect from people who've trained for years to heal the sick.Though unsure what do, they are "trying hard to stabilise him". Guided by basic medical protocol. The lead doctor- Javed Jamali described him as "suffering from a rare medical condition".

Even the health minister got involved;
[The] health minister Dr Sikandar Mandhro also visited the patient on Wednesday and directed the hospital administration to constitute a medical board for Jabbar’s treatment.
That medical board will consist of,
....a general physician, general surgeon, nephrologist and chest physician to investigate the cause of the weight gain.
Medics, not dieticians, nutritionists, psychologists, social workers, but specialist medical professionals.

They did not have the means to accommodate his body, so,
According to Dr Jamali, they have ordered a made-to-order bed and mattress for Jabbar.
No whining and whingeing about the awful inconvenience of a very sick man, being brought to a place to treat illness and injury.

Now, not being aware of any back story, I've no idea if there's more to this than meets the eye, but in a way, that's kind of irrelevant as what rings true is the attitude of all concerned. They are reacting to someone who's sick.

I could barely find one bum note in any of the responses reported. Even the journalists talk of his "bloated body" though unnecessary, in such a rational context, it doesn't attain any edge. Talk of 'obesity' only troubles in the sense that it may get in the way of the mission. The only time I briefly snorted was when at an earlier hospital, the family was told he could only be treated at a prestigious big city hospital or abroad.

It's comparatively easy to keep pointing out that the foul idiocy that passes for a response to weight in the West has been deliberately engineered by a crusade involving health bureaucrats, researchers and medical professionals. It is quite another to see it this clearly by getting a sense of how it would look in the absence of such. Imagine all that could have been achieved.

We're currently at the point where some are trying to deny medical treatment and others are busily trying to engage in mass stomach removal. We are at that point because we chose to be and want to be here. People want to go along with excluding others from medical treatment.

It's a regressive backlash, the indulgence feeling we are too spoilt and need to feel life red in tooth and claw. That somehow it is immoral to attempt to avoid meaningless suffering and abuse.

It's worth noting Pakistan is a Muslim country, purported by crackpots to be a medieval throwback in modern times. Ironically, a lot of those types love the 'obesity' crusade and howl when it is challenged even though that's mostly weak and on terms dictated by it.

Imprisoning millions in a pathological and incompetence outlook will generate little but cost. If answers are found for Mr Tunio that will serve and/or inform others. Bigotry costs. Quackery costs. Mutilation costs. Mal intent costs. Regression costs.

Real progress saves more than lives. But people want it to generate costs to fulfil the idea of pricing individuals like cattle.

I'm sure many can see this now, but its still worth having a clear idea in your mind of how things could have been and still could be if people committed unequivocally to ending any collusion with such. I hope Pakistan can keep this up, they might even stumble over some real answers.

'Obesity' crusade degeneracy is the real contagion I find. People who start off with something like this level of decency can with enough effort by the influential, be turned into the sour hate fuelled trolls, we know and are bored by. 

A small detail. Mr Tunio's metabolic problems started when he was 18 and broke his leg.
Breaking a bone is a big shock to your whole body. It's normal for you to receive strong messages from parts of your body that aren't anywhere close to the fracture.
This reminds me of the late rapper Biggie Smalls,
He'd always been a somewhat husky kid, but at age ten he fell off a city bus and broke his right leg in three places..... His leg was in a cast for six months. Laid up in the house with nothing better to do, he ate, putting on pounds that stuck around long after his leg healed.
Along with a small but consist number of examples of people's metabolic derangement either starting with or being taken to a new accelerated level of aggression after breaking legs-other bones too, but given they're our biggest limbs....

Trauma, disrupted signals flying about, inflammation, could well surge through the system, setting this kind of gain in motion. In the West attention is fixated on increased intake of food or alcohol, but it should be relatively obvious that is an increased demand for energy.

Perhaps the need for healing and to make new cells is amplified excessively and that is added to the abundance of signalling.

The aim should be to calm that response as much as possible. One thing to try would be to calm the (nervous) system down overall, leaving the signalling needed for rebuilding to go on with less background noise.

It might be worth investigating teaching people techniques that relax their minds with meditation and from head to toe with something like guided relaxation, whilst their limbs are repairing. It's sometimes called guided relaxation.

That would be good for everyone, to relieve stress and aid healing. Experiments shouldn't be too hard to set up in hospital and with follow through in outpatient clinics. Something like this might prevent those who have this effect from getting to this stage in the first place.

I wish Mr. Tunio a speedy recovery.

Monday, 5 September 2016

Toytown Emperors

Shaw Sommers, a bariatric surgeon *eyebrow raise* has taken an opportunity to drum up some coin for his organ removal business. The occasion is an announcement by an NHS overseeing body called a CCG-Clinical Commissioning Group, that they wish to delay elective surgeries for those with a body mass of 30 or above.

The Vale of York to be precise has decided to put fat/ter people on probation for a year or however long it takes them to starve off 10% of their body mass-whichever period comes around first. No reports on what will happen to their organ amputation provision.

The excuse for this obvious attempt to leverage pain to bully people into starvation induced weight loss is excused as the; "best way of achieving maximum value from the limited resources available”. Oh go on Vale of York, we so believe you!

Sommers is quoted as saying this is like discriminating on the basis of their colour or religious persuasion, as wait for it, "obesity is an illness". We all know that's false, the AMA openly they were saying that to get paid.

This is nothing like racism. The discrimination is that anybody no matter their weight has to lose it via a pathological and ineffective means the body is designed to reject. This isn't acknowledged. Worse still it disregards patient consent, which is fundamental to the practise of medicine. 

Even if you are one of those invested in delusion about the efficacy of calorie restriction induced weight loss-CRIWL, you've still got the fact that much injury and illness is just as much the "fault" of the individual as fat is supposed to be, especially if you apply the same standard of judgement as used for 'obesity'. 

Whether its people injuring themselves to people having accidents-one that springs to mind was a wheelchair user who injured several of her friends, doing lasting damage and ended in being a quadriplegic through their own careless driving.

Self inflicted is an irrelevant concept in medicine. Or it was until 'obesity' became a verbal tic.

The urge toward deserving and undeserving unwell is as bigger bunk as is possible to imagine. Things you wouldn't dream of require far less effort to manage or even resolve than fighting your body's endless defences against calorie restriction. It would, will be a surrprise to us as biology hacks get more sophisticated, just how much we can do for ourselves.

The estimate amount of pscycho somatic illness would shock people.

That's the real discrimination against fat people and in this case smokers two very easy targets. It just so happens that both have vociferous cults aimed at them. Weight is especially bad. I don't wish to throw smokers under the bus, but there is no comparison between not lighting up and inhaling tubers of tobacco and fighting your body's survival instincts. Though I daresay many of them wouldn't see it that way.

CCG's are;
Led by an elected Governing Body made up of GPs, other clinicians including a nurse and a secondary care consultant, and lay members;
Um hum.

In keeping with that Summers isn't even against this punishment fandango, oh heavens to Murgatroyd no;
Shaw Somers, a bariatric surgeon from Portsmouth, said the move was a logical step and could save money, but amounted to discrimination because obesity was an illness.
A "logical step" huh? So would using racial religious discrimination to ration medical treatment be "logical" then? That would make the medical principle of treatment according to need, "illogical." Yet, no other criterion would appear to make more sense.

Then comes the laughable shilling,
“Just saying you can’t have surgery and there is no access to alternative treatments really doesn’t help anyone.”
"Alternative treatments" is reference to his bowdlerising chop socky or some other ghastly item on the iatrogenic 'obesity' repertoire. Neither alternative nor treatment. The sympathy pose is big right now with the 'obesity' promoters.

Sadly for them, cutting out people's organs isn't remotely sympathetic at all.

There's no question something has gone badly awry with certain elements of the medical profession's psyche. A feeling has grown that any action they may disapprove of-real or imagined-undoes their hard work and those who do deserve to be left in agony or death - serve them right. 

They consider medical training to have given them the power of life or death over others.

I personally couldn't care less. I'd just wish to remind them their practise is a monopoly. That fact has served them very well. It is over the moment they consider themselves too grand to treat anyone on the basis of their irrelevant prejudice.

Update: Vale of York is backpeddling;
Major surgery poses much higher risks for severely overweight patients who smoke. So local GP-led clinical commissioning groups are entirely right to ensure these patients first get support to lose weight and try and stop smoking before their hip or knee operation.
"Severely overweight patients who smoke" Really V of Y? You said BMI 30 + and smokers, don't try and fib, its in writing.