Wednesday, 21 September 2016

'Obesity' Promotion Drunkards

If you've ever tried to talk to anyone that's absolutely hammered, you'll know the difficulties in attempting to communicate with them. I do not mean someone who's squiffy, I mean falling down drunk. You cannot guarantee that they'll understand even a simple sentence like: "The cat sat on the mat."

Not because they lose language facility, but due to you being unable to know which if any of those words will register in terms of comprehension. They may understand "cat" but not sat, on the or mat. Furthermore, if you said that three times, you could not predict that they'd mis/understand the same things one, two or even three out of three times.

That is the nature of the mind of someone who's throughly sozzled and, someone who's under the influence of the 'obesity' ideology. 'Obesity' malarkey intoxicates minds,
“Obesity is costing the NHS £16bn a year. We at Obesity Action Campaign are alarmed by this. Obesity causes cancer, diabetes, heart disease and liver cirrhosis. It is the HIV of our age. It is killing millions of our patients,” he said.
That's Dr. Jude Oben. I left the link to his website as in the video featured on it-a 2012 interview with Sky-he can barely keep a straight face. The man has laughing eyes and nearly corpses at the start and especially the end of the interview- whilst trying to convince that millions dying, millions dying. Never once telling the interviewer that he is one of the costly dying ones. Which is lucky because he appears in on the joke too.

Oben goes on to tell us that he is raising awareness *puke*.

No one bothers to tease him about why he has to raise awareness of millions dying. Of why we wouldn't have noticed "the HIV of our age." It's the usual 'obesity' spiel, with one of my faves, predicting that in so and so years, 'obese's will be 50% of the population.

In other words people like himself will be just as much or even more useless than they are now. That is their plan of course and pretty much has been for the last few decades.

How much longer will we allow them to get away with this do you think?

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