Friday, 30 September 2016

Locus of Control

There are many arguments I thought fat phobes would never have the effrontery to try and make. One is asserting that fat people who tell the truth about CRIWL have an outer locus of control. Most think of us this way its fair to say.

Locus of control refers to where you tend to see control over you and your life laying. Having an outer locus of control means you are more fatalistic, you feel controlled/affected by people or events outside yourself.

Having an inner locus of control means you feel you are mainly the arbiter of your own life. The latter is supposed to show a better sense of personal responsibility. It's supposed to be a sign of a healthier personality.

I was reminded of l of c when the other day a woman spoke about her attempts to lose weight to conceive a baby; dietician, gym, psychologist, etc., CRIWL has always been sold as "personal responsibility"-inner locus of control.

And though this relied solely on effort from her, the real control is outside. Meaning she had an inner locus of control seeing it correctly as up to her, but the actual control is outside her. There should in fact be a match. The real locus of control should be inside too. This sums up what I've been advocating all this time.

Believing, indeed, knowing that your weight should be alterable by you isn't the problem, lack of the right means and tools to do it is. That's the ultimate distinction here. Forget what anyone else says, whether fat phobe or fat activist. The capacity is there, the willingness from fat people has always been there. It is the means that has been denied and is still being denied. In favour of control from outside. Whilst posing as the inner failure of people.

I finally managed to get through enough of the thick smoke of pro-anorexia spiel enough to identify a potentially shared symptom of all eating/hunger disorders-that sorts it out from an almost. When hunger function passes either too others-usually anorexia, or to ones conscious mind.

I'm not talking about concern with ingredient sourcing or meal preparation, I mean the actual urge to eat is no longer internal but has passed into significantly external or conscious.

Typically, anorexics reach a stage where everyone around them is acting as their hunger. As its replacement. Asking them if they want to eat- that's hunger. Offering them certain prized foods or stuff they might like-that's appetite.

You can see CRIWL/WLD matches that symptom exactly. Except in this case, dieting/CRIWL relies on seeking to pass your hunger function from physiology, to psychology. To the conscious mind.

It is one of the features of its inherent malfunction, things such as calorie counting, weighing food seek to teach this symptom. With hunger/eating disorders, that's more likely to be an unintended consequence.

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