Thursday, 7 May 2009


Not being an expert in air travel to put it mildly, it strikes me that the current fuss about the size of airline seats has come about despite fat people's shame and guilt about not fitting into seats designed without regard for actual people.

So many have complained that about being squashed by fat people who don't fit into the seats assigned to them that the airlines have found it politic to propose a fat person surcharge, making them pay for two seats instead of realising that seat shrinking has obviously gone too far.

Both slim and fat want the same thing, bigger seats. Unfortunately due to the cult of fat hatred, this has morphed into tax fatties or throw them off the plane, i.e. punish them, in the guise of social good.

This has obviously gotten out of hand if a number of their passengers can't fit into these smaller seats, people cannot detach bits of themselves.

Common sense dictates that which can be jettisoned, should be jettisoned. That is the junk that people insist on taking with them, why does so much unecessary junk have to fly?

People are always complaining about how the airlines are no good at transporting their belongings, so let someone else have a go, namely railways, for instance, maybe they'll be able to do a better job.

Limit maybe to a bit of hand luggage, that's it.

The savings in space can be used to re-configure the internal dimensions of the plane.

We can have new style planes that take account of both height, weight and PWD, people first planes, great.

This is an opportunity to improve flying conditions and take better account of human needs. It also exposes the innate regressiveness of fat hatred, we should all be in this together, not setting thin against fat in ever decreasing circles of bitterness.

The interior of planes should be designed as much around actual people that use them as possible, wow, there's a novelty.

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