Thursday, 21 May 2009

How I love the intelligensia

They aren't in a position to tell us what reality is for no reason, they have skills and strategies. Ever conscious of extracting cash from the honey pot of grantopia and recognising fat people's tolerance of being public enemy no 1.

There's an off shoot of the crisis that has come to my attention, studying and documenting stigma against 'the obese' or hatred of fat people to the enlightened. This is just a fatuous as it seems, it was started from their quarters are they studying themselves? Or how the power of influence can be misused?

Because someone should find out just how many other instances there are of them using their authority to wind us all up, setting us against each other as enemies. It's not as if no-one could have known the effects of stigma on a population before this.

Or perhaps its rare to see one unfold before you're eyes, "Look at me mum, look what I can do!", perhaps an equation can be made, x amount of stigma = y effect on HB. The amorality of science indeed.

Science in the form of 'obesity' is about giving people of a certain class who wish to study, something to study. Clearly the assumption that its the other way around is pure naivety. Creating your own vehicle and persuading people of its acceptability? Now that's power.

Without the burning intellectual curiousity the urge the need to know, having something predictable where the all the answers are known -fat is bad, dieting is good and works-has to see you through.  Having no inclination to know, confusion and not knowing quickly becomes mentally intolerable.

Well played! Perhaps they've missed their true calling as life coaches, (or have they?)

All this feels typically pointless, a crisis where those involved spend the whole time studying what a crisis being fat is as if its trying to convince itself, is now studying its own handiwork, because what, better next time?

Fat people don't need them to study stigma, they need the to call off their dogs.

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