Tuesday, 19 May 2009

Little interest in weight loss diet 'success'

It's strange the way you lose interest in weight loss diet 'success' once you get off that treadmill. I was amazed the way people found this rude. I suppose it must feel short when you are so used to connecting with people over this, receiving the opposite instead.

A lack of interest. Just goes to show you just cannot predict everything. I just didn't think it would matter. That it would be seen as everyone making their mind up about what they think.

Its also made me realise just how much people think that collective interest and 'support' helps them. I find it hard to believe it does. Perhaps being calm, less stressed in life will help increase your tolerance for what dieting can make you feel. But I really think this is the displacement of hope.

Making good the difference between the set up of diet success versus the reality of diet failure makes people look for things to increase their chances of success. A little bit on from a lucky rabbits foot.

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