Wednesday, 27 May 2009

Sonia Sotomayor

Congratulations to Sonia Sotomayor she has been nominated for appointment to the US supreme court, which I've just found out again that it is the highest in the land (well, if you don't use it you lose it). I had to comment on what is for me a first, what appeared from a certain angle to be fat people disassociating themselves from diabetes, type 1 that is.

Ha! That's a turn up, its only ever been the other way around thus far. Predictably during the hoo-ha about her nomination, her plumpness was noted, although some dispute around the 'sphere, it's likely she scrapes the criterion for 'obese' or thereabouts. As it was also known that she has diabetes, it was assumed by many that she must have, you know, type 2.  The bad dirty type.

But no, she has type 1, you know, the blameless innocent associated with slim people type. As this was clarified was provided, the spectacle of fat people making it plain, type 1, type 1  occurred!

I'm sorry but that really makes me laugh.

The two both types I and 2 used to be seen as two conditions that had some kind of underlying connection, two routes to the same/ similar problem. Not so much now since one has become a "hot potato".

I do not relish hearing from the Type 1 crowd, ever. I used to be deeply sympathetic to their plight, it is a horrible sometimes seemingly pernicious. I can see where their fury comes from, but alas some of them have put a bit of a hole in that bucket through exposure to their really ugly jumping on the stigma bandwagon re type 2.
This is stupid because it is not helping them. Instead of shaming haters with what they feel is their ante up "Get the right kind chump" and in the ensuing silence "And I'm not impressed with your fat hating either which is costing us". That could have raised the profile of the condition and its demands off the back of the crisis, why not? Some good should come out of it.

Instead, they've chosen to try and join in whilst separating themselves, something which doesn't even sound workable. And indeed, it has been somewhat of a futile effort.

Cutting off their nose to spite their face, sorry to say.

Anyway, I wish SS continued good health and success in her new position, she sounds like an admirable and well balanced person with real grace.

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