Sunday, 24 May 2009

Good/ Bad fattie

The good fattie/bad fattie dichotomy is one I've avoided as in a sense, it's a little unclear from my frame of reference. It's a way of epitomising those fat people who use healthy eating and exercise guidelines as a means of guidance on living their lives; good fatties.

Bad fatties in short, don't. They have lives, rather than lifestyles, they move around according to their own desires and tastes, this may or may not include the concept of exercise but the concept is part of a whole, not an aim in itself.

My history on this is mixed. I was more a devotee of healthy living in the past. I was convinced if my diet was good enough, I'd be healthy and become slim. It flowed happily alongside my self -hating and failure to lose weight, and my eating disorder which it just as effortlessly provoked as efficiently as any straight out weight loss dieting.

Which I saw through during my experiments with it between the age of 11 and 11. This seems odd now, but I thought of my problems with weight as a result of imperfect adherence to healthy eating standards and eating too much through what I finally could accept was compulsive eating.

It took long after I knew because it felt like an 'excuse' and that it might compromise my will to succeed.

As you can imagine, I am thoroughly unimpressed with any attempts to hide weight loss dieting-behind the euphemism of lifestyle and I was on that quickly due to my previous experience of having gone down that road myself.

In a way, those fat people who believe in healthy eating have much in common with the slim people who believe the same. Ditto with those who do not believe or practise these dictates-or feel they don't. Its important to make those distinctions because it doesn't make sense for people to call themselves bad fatties as that defines them according to dictates they don't follow.

I'm more sceptical about H/E folklore. I believe in achieving balance, but I feel the current incarnation of it makes promises it cannot keep. We are not owed health no matter we do.

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