Thursday, 4 September 2008

Intuitive eating is like.............

A brilliantly efficient unsung worker, who often doesn't appear to be doing much of anything, but always seems to get things done and quietly takes care of business regardless.

Along comes an insecure, promoted to the level of their incompetence boss, who lacking insight decides that this worker is 'suspicious' and requires close supervision. This idiot stands over the worker inter-bloody-fering with their beautiful rhythms telling them everything they already know and nothing they don't.

Until our hero(ine) is about to scream and then resign.

Finally, after numerous warnings from everyone who knows the score, the boss finally withdraws, tail between legs.

The hero is our eating and weight mechanisms, we with our diets and brilliant schemes based on true scienz are the idiot boss, sorry!

Some people like to call our wising up,'intuitive eating', but this is all about the dregs of our belief that we consciously are in total control of our eating and therefore weight. We have found neither to be the case.

Now I don't believe that we have to continue to be rubbish at making adjustments to those mechanisms, anymore than I believe some unfortunate people in the world still have to get polio, forever. But we actually have to come up with ways that are subtle, sensitive and above all actually work.


  1. This is such an excellent analogy, and I love analogies!

    Great writing, great blog.