Saturday, 23 August 2008

Absurd posing

I just caught a little bit of synchronised swimming on T.V. today. What a load of old pony. One of the great things about being a woman, is that you don't have to worry about being constrained by machismo, except of course, on the receiving end!

The area of 'artistic expression' is not so fraught with having to seem coolly self possessed or whatever. But please, synchronized swimming shows the downside of this. How on earth can anyone not think this gurning posing is not absurd, undignified even? It's perfectly feminine of course, plastered with make up bodies of a uniform and socially acceptable shape, grace, strength and beauty all on display.

These are the type of women that don't sweat but glow and yet the overall impression was of an ill conceived waste of energy. These women; there didn't appear to be any male involvement - wonder why, had gymnastic ability, real power and dynamism, yet it didn't satisfy on any level. How it counts as sport, even when you take into account things like ice dance( in the winter Olympics) or even gymnastics, I don't know, where was the excitement?

People who think that women have lost because we are no longer in the golden age of femininity should take a good look at this, in a small way it points to the frustration of being a lady, as opposed to a human being who happens to be a woman.

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