Wednesday, 20 August 2008

Conservative, with a small 'c'

There does seem to be an innate conservatism in FA. It's not so much that it comes from a political standpoint, but more from a behavioural one.

As fat people we have tended to be the accused. We have gotten used to defending ourselves from - the many- accusations levelled at us.

This can lead to a rather earnest intent on proving that we are good, nice whatever we are not said to be. For those of us who've been fat for a long time, this is especially ingrained, as I've said, the road from this to FA is a long one. So even though we are breaking away from this sense that we are ungenuine, and somehow have to constantly try harder to demonstrate that we are worthy of existence. We haven't let go of this us much as we could, how can we?

I think we could be more aware of that, not self conscious, but understand that we don't have to keep on with old strategies simply because we are used to that and the pattern is ingrained.

I also think that this can have an effect on our progress, personally and otherwise.

The issue though is not about whether FA is respectable, moderate and above all, nice to everybody regardless of provocation. If FA is just about crowbarring itself into current mores regardless of merit, because that is seen as not rocking the boat, then FA becomes rather impacted and self absorbed.

Instead of being a potential positive influence, nay a liberator for people of all weights -which already is has been to some degree- it becomes another lost opportunity to take forward our understanding of what it is to be human - yes we can do that even though we are just fatties- all our experience comes to nought and we become a group of people who just discovered how to fail over a very long period.

Not good enough.

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