Wednesday, 10 September 2008

Wholistic metabolism

I take a holistic view of metabolism. Hunger and appetite must be integrated into a whole and not separated out, with hunger being ascribed to morality. This view has gained currency as result of the diet/weight hypothesis which attacks appetite and hunger- trying to bring about a condition which in nature signals the end of life. Restriction is promoted and wastefully expending energy touted as the route to regulating and controlling weight. When all it really does is run around after the fact of the spontaneous metabolic adjustments, that can lead to weight gain/loss.

Even when we let go of dieting, we still are left with a lot of assumptions that flow from its standpoint. It's one of many reasons dieting is so convincing; it doesn't come out of nothing, many of our cherished interpretations not just of eating and weight, but moral regulation, keep it in place.

There was a time not all that long ago in historic terms, when we didn't know that the brain was in our heads, it has been located near the heart and in the stomach ( I'll get back to that one another time) to name two of many locations. Our understanding of eating, as well as weight, which seemed pretty reasonable, now increasingly seems in more dubious and shallow than we thought.

Our adherence to a partial and restrictive view is holding up progress, what is disgusting about it is this is deliberate this is actually malicious, it exists to facilitate social engineering of the most regressive kind.

Returning our necessary desire to eat and our weight regulation to the body as a whole means it is logical to look at the nervous system as a vehicle for adjusting and/or readjusting these mechanisms. Our most direct route to our nervous system is obviously our conscious mind, that is one thing diet culture has right although it is logical.

This is controversial as a lot of people reject this out of hand, it has been tried not only through the concept of willpower, but also through things like psycho-analysis and even horrible aversion 'therapy' tactics such as electric shocks.

I genuinely cannot blame people for feeling this way, but we must remember not to throw the baby out with the bath water. Bullies, the privileged classes, societally validated big mouths, don't own parts of the body, because they make a show of knowing it all, when they guided mostly by their own self serving instincts. Eating and weight, must be returned to become knowledge based again and what passes for the so called 'morality' of willpower and other bilge is returned to the utter irrelevancy that they are. I don't think it matters worth a damn whether people are greedy or not or whether their appetites are sufficiently dainty or whether apropos of nothing they should expend energy solely on the basis of fitness.

We own our bodies, they are ourselves and we are as entitled as to contribute to the defining the reality of the human condition, through intelligent perception and understanding of what happens to us.

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