Monday, 25 May 2009

Virtues and Vices

We hear a lot  about our fat sin, but what about haters?

Lust-for glory you haven't earned.

Gluttony-for the pain of others.

Greed-stealing other people's stories, their lives.

Sloth-not bothering with repairing your own self esteem issues, within.

Wrath-anger released from deep inside from those you couldn't get at, emptied on people you can.

Envy-wanting to disturb the peace of someone else.

Pride-Slim's better than fat.

Those are the seven deadly sins. It tells you something that we rarely hear of their antidotes; the seven heavenly virtues.

Chastity-abstaining from trying to mess people up because their body doesn't look like you want.

Temperance- the ability to soberly reflect on all the facts, without fear or favour.

Charity-extending the belief that others know themselves as much as you know your own self.

Diligence- continuing to resist being wound up with authorities cynical falsehoods.

Patience-with the depth of your own ignorance.

Kindness-don't pretend that's meanness and abuse.

Humility-don't presume others haven't tried harder than you could ever imagine.

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