Friday, 15 May 2009

Fatness as a disease- form over content

In order for us to get a handle on our issues dilemas and problems, increasingly they are being turned into diseases. The magic bullet to cure (real) disease has worked to such an extent that it is being reversed to if you have a problem, make it a disease and a solution will coalesce around it, somehow.

In fact the disease is being so loosely applied now that it has gone from distinct pathogenesis of an attack on the body or internal dysfunction, to a self created quasi imaginary state that somehow cannot be cured by the will that is creating it. Yet somehow will is the cure along with abstinence which isn't actually anything as such etc.,

Stupid, because its use is now applied to whenever the professionals have no answer for, none of which meet a meaningfully scientific definition of disease.

Fatness is of  course a prominent example of this. It has been classed slyly as a disease not because it meets any genuine definition of that, but more to try and 'fix' it according to how it would be if it was a disease.

In other words, wishful thinking on the part of the professionals. They've never really come to terms with their lack of success with chronic complaints compared to ills that have a pill. Now they've stopped admitting they are somewhat impotent, they're egos can no longer take it as diseases of survival appear to be a greater threat than diseases contagion.

By crowbarring chronic conditions and disease into the contagion model, room has been left to insert things the medical research community are looking at incorrectly. Failure can then be put down to disease rather than incompetence.

This turns illness into a cultural signifying to placate those who want some acknowledgement of their situation, to relieve what can be the extreme pressure of not having a solution. iow, diagnosis-real or otherwise, shuts people up. Gives them something to cling to.

That is extremely important, but it shouldn't be necessary to do it this way. We all have to accept the limitations of current knowledge. But somehow 'prescribing' calm down won't cut it for either.

Ritual satisfies more.

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