Wednesday, 13 May 2009

Super perfect people

Absolutely super perfect people.

Have you noticed how everything 'fat fighters' believe totally venerates them in every way whilst at the same time doing the opposite for fat people? They present themselves as the epitome of all that is disciplined responsible and self-controlled. 

Even when they err, it is to show that they will overcome. They barely have a bad word to say about themselves, on anything at all.

They are perfectionists, in their vision of themselves. They cannot even tolerate moral imperfection of their own hating, their 'fight against obesity armageddon' is about health and it's moral.

It would be dubiously pleasure seeking and therefore morally suspect of them to make it about the sheer joy of hate, or about looks though they rarely refrain from throwing in something about the offensive appearance of fat bodies.

Rarely refrain is a good phrase for them for it is rare indeed for them not to tell everyone every piece of food they've ever resisted, even if it was just a passing thought. So say they. They also feel that they are being dragged down by those they've defined as their opposites.

I always wondered how eugenics could have disappeared from view after a history of it bobbing to the surface. As we are now our own creators, our own little gods, we can give birth to better and better versions of ourselves. Acquiring brand new bodies you often hear stories of triumphant fitness use that description.

Even those trolls who make it all about sex are more capable of being honest it's about what they find attractive.

Morally perfect, perfect in health and motive- we know because they tell us so all the time, being bankrupted and dragged down by the filth and scum who simply will not behave. Yet in even our soft attempts at defending ourselves we are dismissed as biased.

It's interesting that so many of a more progressive hue also seem to share that sentiment, they too are feeling the burden of 'paying for' all those incapable of behaving rationally. Everything would be OK if we just behaved reasonably and according to logic. 

Far from being stoical and self-denying, the healthy lifestyle movement is a self-referential self-aggrandizing cult, that indulges without cease in raising itself up at the expense of others. It is not enough for it to be positive, someone has to undercut because that's what they think, know it takes to raise them up.

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