Tuesday, 19 May 2009


I have a blessed nature in that I'm not much given to envy, don't much see the point of it.

I've never seen slim people as lucky. I see them as different, even when I was trying to lose weight I thought why were they there and how could I get there too. I assumed that I had the route-healthy eating, or lifestyle change as it's now called.

I tend to feel a bit odd when fat people say that slim people are lucky, what about our luck? If you are healthy what about that? I've been blessed with what I consider to be health and I've always been grateful for it, even as a child. I don't think I had a day off for illness in the whole of my secondary school time, 5 years.

I think also of what it says to say this to slim people, it seems to be a denigration of your body and if you feel discriminated against, why would you not stop and ask yourself, what makes them lucky, exactly? Some feel that, "they can eat anything they want", so can most of us and it wouldn't make a real difference to our weight, if it did, you'd have to figure out why

I don't want to eat endless amounts for the sake of it; I feel it's more about freedom from the burden of having to fight you hunger drives. A battle that will be exacting painful and costly.

I just want my needs to match my hunger.

It's also funny the difference in the way we see things, in the end, I'm not convinced that slim people are genetically determined to be that way, except possibly a minority.

I think that most of our bodies work the same way. It's just that something has prodded it towards fat or thin and we don't know what that is nor can work out how to change it.

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