Tuesday, 19 May 2009

Seperating weight loss from weight loss dieting

Is it possible? I think so.

Weight loss is something that happens to us all the time and weight loss dieting is something we direct consciously to achieve weight loss as a side effect. The two have been fused tightly together in an act of collusion between the slimming industry and dieters, to help them hide how bad diets are, but even more to aid adherence which is the greatest difficulty with the weight loss diet plan.

Our built in resistance to them starts from the get go.

If you kid yourself that the only possibility ever of weight loss is dieting, it will help to shape the way you see weight loss as painful, requiring tremendous conscious effort and so on. The attributes and consequences of calorie restriction become those of weight loss and everyone likes it that way.

Basically, diets fail because of the incomplete understanding of the way human metabolism works. I think that fat acceptance should go back to a more honest understanding and base its views on that, rather than come down against weight loss because the two are seen as inseparable. We don't need to be controlled by this mentality when we are no longer defined by it.

That only serves the interests of those who make money out of diets because then no one questions why weight loss should feel bad at all. Which would be a powerful question for them to answer and might get people thinking.

Sticking with this consensus lets the slimming industry and its advocates off the hook for what is quite immoral behaviour.

Fat acceptance going along wholesale with bankrupt notions of from the slimming industry is weird, we should question everything they say, even if it seems to make sense, on general principle.

They have told so many falsehoods I am very sceptical of anything they say. It is always about trying to make their "product" make sense, which it does not without a whole world of fibs surrounding and supporting it.

We've separated eating from calorie counting, movement from punishing exercise, so why not weight loss from weight loss dieting?

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