Saturday, 23 May 2009

Gastric mind band

I found out about this hereThis is as odd as it is amusing. I can't help but be interested as I've never understood why hypnosis was not more use in reversing weight, amongst other things. I've no idea why it cannot be used to reverse weight by just changing some aspect of its direction.

It has been tried, over and again, in extremely unimaginative ways (an overall problem) helping to enforce calorie restriction, to little avail, although it is always said to be effective, well isn't everything when it comes to weight including weight loss dieting?

A young celebrity claimed it as the secret to her noticeable weight loss, until she revised that claim later by saying it was actually a result of (eating) disordered behaviour.

What fascinates apart from the idea of a surgical procedure used as a prop, is the way the stomach, I assume that because we don't actually know what's going on inside their body. It could well be that some other part of the nervous system that is creating this effect, or some kind of change-that would be interesting.

As usual, the clients are the guinea pigs, no trials have been done, although the originators claim they would like there to be, to further its use. So any figures for any purported efficacy come from them and their paying clients.

The responses to link were amusing, an amount of people's noses being put out of joint. They deeply resent even the idea of fat people 'getting away scot free', even though that would be no different to being slim. Indicating again that this really isn't about losing weight/becoming thin or health, but hierarchy.

People really don't want fat people to become thin, the unlikelihood of it has definitely registered, they are happy for us to stay fat so they can (they assume) lord it over us. That would be an issue without the widespread pretence that we can easily become slim if we want.

That doesn't make sense either, but that isn't necessary when senselessness, goes unchallenged.

Don't forget also, the amusing re-assertion of all the 'skills' involved in weight loss. I'd forgotten just how much self-esteem people get from doing something that is perceived as difficult, even if its difficulty is really due to the sheer incompetence of design.

Part of being able to diet is believing that you are clever and specially skillful person. Very self flattering indeed. Whatever one's doubts about the source story, the idea is subversive in that it makes a mockery of all this self aggrandizing bullshit, and really annoys those who have chosen to use dieting and/or lifestyle change to bolster their self esteem.

That's what social strata's are all about, making some people seem as if they are doing way more than they are. Excusing the ill treatment of others, by insisting that their higherness is thoroughly earned. As if 'the right' to demean and harass others who do you no harm, could ever be.

This kind of story exposes their sense of vulnerability which is not so obvious when they scream hatred at fat people. They're asking all sorts of questions about it's safety, both psychological and physiological, something I've never seen before! One person even feared the potential mind control implications, citing a clockwork orange, I never even heard that from others when talking about weight loss surgery.

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