Thursday, 7 May 2009


Ever noticed how little choice or consent is involved in a crisis that sets itself as up against people's choices?

It is 'obesity science' that first of all defines what a fat person is and does, we have no say in that, we can only agree, with it, we have no choice to disagree as that is posited as our pathology. By rights unless we agree with the definitions pressed on us, we cannot be held to account for anything that flows from that.

Obesity and it's accompanying fat hatred functions much like a religion, it's like people use it to remind themselves of what is currently considered to be moral and work those ideas out through it and their reaction attitude to fat people. Like with soap operas.

As we know, in free societies we have freedom of religion.

It is insisted that humans through the conscious part of our minds control our weight. A sort of will to power ideal. We have not said we have no control, but that not by the route given to us or they'd have worked when we tried them so repeatedly and conscientiously.

If that is ignored, as it is, the outcome of that route is no longer anything to do with us as we do not consent to that route or treatment as it is laughably called and everyone has the right to consent to medical treatment as long as they are of sound mind.

Notice the loophole created by treating us as if we have no minds to be sound or otherwise.

We don't consent to what we know is a bad treatment, we do not agree that fatness is a routine choice to overeat out of desire for pleasure or comfort, if it is the latter then becoming more comfortable should be the 'cure' and weight loss will follow it its wake.

No need for any diets.

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