Wednesday, 6 May 2009

All or nothing

A lot of the point of isolating fat people in hating is to avoid everyone having to make changes. According to the obesity crisis logic we are fatter than 30 years ago, our environs have become increasingly 'obesifacient' (meaning tending to fatten) fast food,  de-prioritization of physical activity in schools and out and so on.

Yet from the start message from everyone else, including those close to us has very much been do it yourself so we can be left out of it. A lot of the rage is the fear that we'll all have to do the same things and certain things will be less available.

The inference being, we're "unlucky" (to be fat) but they are not and healthy living is a punishment for being fat, although others kid on that's how slim people live anyway (so why resist what you're already doing with such primitive fury then?) If it was the case they would not treat us as if we are in danger of spoiling their party.

All diets are equally useless- not that this will make any difference people will still act as if one has magical properties over and above the defining basis of calorie reduction. So, a new paradigm is being  called for, what is that?

Why the whole community acting as a body, rather than personalized in a fat person. The very thing beastly behaviour has tried to see off.

How ironic. After all this fussing and fighting with us, some are finally recognizing the obvious. That if you feel society is going in the wrong direction-and that is causing/ promoting an undesired effect (their argument)-do not continue that route because it's more desirable to blame individuals. Then you pressurize them to re imagine actual societies live in there, whilst living in the here and now, as you continue to do the things, you say support their condition.  Brilliant.

Even though clearly seduced by the ease (laziness) of trying to bully biology, by personifying it as fat people, then bullying us, as stand ins, in the end it seems you actually have to reverse things for everyone. Change the whole environment, rather than the internal one.

there would also be steps you could take to alter your environment, like making healthy foods most accessible in your home, joining your school’s wellness council to advocate for changes, limiting the number of televisions in your house, lobbying for improved sidewalks in your neighborhood….

 In other words, hey society; stop and reverse.

Of course some aspects of the environment are a lot easier to *change than others, but the point is that diets often fail because of the environmental obstacles that exist. We need environments that support our healthy aspirations, not hinder them. Perhaps if we all redirected our energy from following fad diets to changing our environments, we’d actually get somewhere.

Yeah, wishful thinking, diets fail because they are badly designed, full stop. However, there's no doubt that given the unprecedentedly low standard by which we measure "improving" on its abject failure, its easier to stick with a diet/ healthist mentality if your whole environment is that shape.

It mimics naturalness and frees up a bit more energy to fight through its fatuous design a little longer.

* Harrass

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