Sunday, 24 May 2009

Weight loss diet and diet

I feel I have to keep using the term 'weight loss dieting' 'WLD'.
I've gotten into the habit of this because enough people find the use of the word "diet" interchangeable with its original meaning "what you eat". 

It's not really about semantics or pedantry but the resentment some have that no we are not all dieting because we have a diet, which is a biological necessity. Some want to engage in the usual list of distractions employed to prevent people from breaking away from the consensus of delusion that is the refusal to accept we've tried (people) and it's just not worked.

The experiments have been done, repeated and so has the outcome whether people choose to accept this or not is fine.

But they don't want anyone else to either because they feel its owed to them that everyone supports this fiction, not fine. That is why I say, "weight loss diet". To clarify, not that I feel its necessary, we all know what diet tends to refer to.

That I'm speaking of the thing that doesn't work, not the thing that is what we eat. The thing that is simplest to follow is our own tastes, experiences and inclinations. This of course isn't that simple the deeper you get into it, but it is as nothing compared to complexity of the one which curtails the outcome beforehand, rather than according to what you need.

Whether less or more.

On top of that its broken. What complicates, is not the idea of the discipline required, which is none, or the complex set of skills required to bring it to a successful conclusion, there are none, but it's intrinsic dysfunction, and the fact that it is based on fallacious reasoning about how we eat and how to intervene to regulate weight.

When you eat normally, according to your hunger and desire for various kinds of food, and yes that does include conscious reasoning that you could do with such as such kind of food, because you haven't had it for a while/ tend to need it at this time/ your granny always said you should eat x/ it is the food of your ancestors and you like to pay tribute to them in part by eating delicious grub/ you feel a little lacking physically or mentally/ memories ..... ad infinitum.

Although to be fair to fat fighters, describing yourself as 'being on a (weight loss) diet', fits the original meaning (what you eat). As once you've decided to go on a weight loss diet, that is what you eat (or are supposed to you.

OK to try and deal cut off endless "you do know diet is what you eat" yes we do know that, pass it on, I've developed this habit. Your diet is simply what you eat.

If you are on a weight loss diet, it becomes your diet, when that fails you're told to change your whole lifestyle in other words turn your whole life into a diet.

That's how crap dieting is, you're expected to simply surrender your autonomy to it and yet it still can't deliver.

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