Friday, 15 May 2009

Eat less, do more, eh?

Thing about eating is it can be used as a metaphor for the way our minds consume information. In that case many people do need to eat less of the crappy information thrown at us by the confidently fanatical.

Ditto needing to "do more";  more thinking for themselves that is.

There is something so passive about the way we just get on board with a lot of scare tactics as long as sacrificial scapegoats are offered up in the mix. To the extent that this response is out of keeping with the message of someone telling others to be more active.

Rather undermining the message that the cause of the 'disease' is inactivity. 

This tension repeatedly appears.

We are told what to do and we do it, because we are told, yet that is supposed to be the exact problem of the age, that we are told to eat x and y and we do, because we are told.

Even though the demeanour is often proud and chests puffed up when delivering this coup de vérité, like that of a young child repeating their parents instructions none of this was thought up by them. Hardly indicates a self contained and vital countenance. Just passing along what enters through one end like a part of the digestive process.

It's already been chewed and turned into mental gruel for easy absorption for ease of spoon feeding by those wishing to assert their own disorder as the standard by which we should all be (ill) judged and served by.

Getting away with it too, thus far because more of said people will not do more  questioning and inhale less guff.

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