Friday, 8 May 2009

The mysteries of loss and gain

This is not about whether or not weight loss should/ shouldn't be desireable, or whether it is/ isn't. It's about why it should be thought to be impossible.

We are living in a world where impossibility is becoming increasingly difficult to call yet somehow in all the things ruled out civilised weight reversal is the one. I'd have thought it would be time travel myself.

Although widely disbelieved weight gain is mostly a spotaneous response, whether influenced by genetics or not. The trigger can be hard to pin down, whatever, it must occur to some kind of pattern and seem pretty efficient and in the main pain free when it is.

That means there must be an opposite with the same or similar qualities of ease and effciency, yet we are told there isn't by those who claim that the opposite somehow manages to be so ineffective, uncomfortable, painful at times, unless your body is willing to yield to extreme mostly unsustainable actions.

That is wholly unconvincing in my view.

There doesn't seem to be any general explanation given for that wild diversion, it is just asserted that it must be so like Moses coming down from the mount with the commandents set in stone.

What a con.

If they cannot be bothered to find out what creates gain therefore loss and/or vice versa, or don't like the idea, let alone the prospect that we could take our weight down as easily as it tends to go up, why don't they just say that?

Oh sorry, who am I kidding?

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