Monday, 12 September 2016

Stop Pricing People

It's been noted that the most self consciously racist of all usually love the fat phobic cult. The other day I happened to catch one of them claiming to the effect of "54% of Black women are 'obese'." Accompanied by its source-the bureau of bullshit stats division that always accompanies 'obesity' promotions inc.

A "field" that purports to be science yet pursues damage, over physiology, degradation over increasing well-being, mutilation over conservation. One that has achieved nothing in 40 years. In little more than half that time, proper scientists almost slayed a virus without figuring out the puzzle of that fiendish strain.

This master racial unit then cried;"You are paying for this" or somesuch unconvincing pretence "you"=White people. Women not men, because of course AA men fail to fit into the 'obesity' construct lifestyle cause fiction, by failing to match women statisically.

It brought home again that Black women are being put in the position of being price tagged thanks to this wretched up to no account cult.  One plenty of Black people don't have any problems with. 

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