Monday, 19 September 2016

Saving Money

Alcoholism like many other dependencies/compulsions is susceptibility + exposure. Some have a heightened susceptibility;
They had a nip, and then another. “It tasted horrible,” Blaise recalls. “But something clicked. I suddenly felt relaxed and at peace.
Samuel Blaise on his first experience with alcohol whilst bunking off with a school friend aged 12.

Others have greater exposure before their system succumbs.

Given alcohol genuinely exacts a toll in terms of healthcare costs, human misery and other social costs, you'd think any prospect of effective treatment for alcoholism would be leapt at by those in healthcare. You'd not be correct in that perfectly reasonable assumption though. The authorities dragged their feet despite lobbying from organisations representing former alcoholics. Plus;
...the backlash from the detox industry was swift and ferocious. There was also pushback from some members of Alcoholics Anonymous (AA), which he says promotes a culture of total abstinence.
That goes even deeper,
“They function like a church.......suddenly, scientists arrive with a medication and rationally explain that a biological issue can be fixed. Suddenly, you don’t need abstinence, you don’t need a higher being. The very basis of the church comes crashing with it.”
Yeah, suddenly science.
Blaise says that while he greatly respects members, he has heard a sentiment akin to “you don’t deserve to be cured” from the AA crowd. This makes sense, he says, because to be in a constant state of craving is unthinkably hard. “You need to be at war with yourself to remain sober, minute after minute, day after day. AA people spend years, or even decades before they finally reach a state of indifference towards booze, whereas those of us who take Baclofen have to fight a mere few weeks.”
And there we have it. When a pathology is or is perceived to be caused/triggered by consumption it often becomes a vehicle for morality, like sports or art is for others. The people who go in for this cannot accept their own irrationality, so they cloak their urges in rationale calling it "debate" using (pseudo)science terms. This infestation by moralitis shuts down science due to it nurturing the urge to hold the quarry's feet to the fire. That fire being a fight with the unbearable.

I underlined that part becuase people are still resisting the observation that the desire is not to cure, it is to force them to be subject to the distress and pain of battling with their own bodies. To be imprisoned in their own selves.

In this case - the craving is for alcohol. If the moralists are able to get a hold of things, they pretend nothing is everything and the cure. That nothing being abstinence, which is literally not-a-thing. It's, "Stop drinking", ignoring that the very inability to stop- defines alcoholism.

Nothing predictably fails to work, which has to be the target's fault. It's their addiction, illness etc., and the aforementioned battle becomes the person's permanent state. They are deemed a "recovering" alcoholic etc.,  When really, that -ing indicates continuation of the problem. The evidence of it is the very craving that torments. Those sodden with guilt are persuaded this is somehow their penance for ever having the nerve to be susceptible to alcoholism.

It is "self-inflicted"

"Recovery" of this sort is merely the establishment of incompetence as the standard-in place of actual treatment, remedy or cure. Thus the appearance of doing something, whilst doing nothing is maintained.

In essence alcoholism is the template for phony baloney 'obesity' pseudo-science. With the same pretence of declaring 'disease', it seeks to set fat people up with a fight with hunger. No matter the cost.

Baclofen the drug in question is not without its problems, to put it mildly, however, the pursuit of real remedy means perhaps other genuine remedies for the horror that alcoholism will be found. Undoubtedly better than the falsely moralized degeneracy we have now.

Where people are permitted to die slowly, with a weeping chorus of loved ones strewn around, because the compulsion to lock people into futile battles with internal biochemical imbalance is allowed its head.

Caring saves lives and ££££'s people.

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