Saturday, 20 December 2014

A Slender Ruling

The EU Attorney General's ruling has come in regarding the consideration of whether fatness is (a) disability. The conclusion is slight and rather specific, yes if it hinders your full and effective participation at work.

So completely unnecessary. Open minded communication between people, putting yourself in another person's shoes-imagine going to work and having to use children's furniture could have dispelled any need to go to law. Instead of seeing increasing size as the social evolution it is, rather than a cue for hysteria, this sport has become unnecessarily fraught and increasingly expensive. 

If the man at the centre of this really had problems doing up a child's laces, a conversation could have been had about that. It's hardly a big deal. The general consensus though depends on continuing to pretend fatness doesn't exist. That will make it non-existent by this sustained effort of collective fantasy.

Recognizing what's real is felt to actively create the very reality that exists. In other words, twisted mal-logic, delusion and magical thinking.

Seeing grown people routinely assert this unashamedly makes it hard to formulate a response. 

Don't make clothes for fat people, or suitable or professional standard ones. Don't provide proper equipment and furniture to properly accommodate them, posit them only as "costs" rather than assets and contributors, undermine them in as many ways as possible. Don't recognize their needs as human needs like any others.

Continue a jarring stream of demoralizing micro-aggressions. Along with doing everything to keep people bricked into calorie restriction-no matter the personal, social, financial or indeed moral costs to us all. 

Take it from me, it's quite remarkable what fat people have and continue to endure. I wonder what effect that has on the stomach and internal organs, never mind accusations of called "junk food."

This case brought merely to find some means of legal defense against being thrown out of work due to other people's easily set off state of hysteria has yielded exclamations that making provision to enable qualified people to do their jobs is supporting their "unhealthy lifestyle." Others predict financial ruin for employers, even insisting people above a certain weight should be sacked, regardless of their ability and even denied benefit.

Without money they can then be impoverished into thinness.

Another example of the mind-bending effects of the 'obesity' construct leading people directed by it to bring about the very conditions they claim are already in existence.

Fat people are defined as "sick", so harass and harry as much of the health out of them as you can. Fat people are defined as lazy. So put them out of and deny them work.

Then point to this as proof that they're "scroungers" and so indicative of their 'obesity.' And so on this cycle of trying to force fat people to live out other people's destructive fantasy stereotype.

The current UK govt have led with pathologizing the poor/unemployed in order to roll back welfare, so that's very much in the air. Yet, here shows people being volubly slammed for having the supposedly prized work ethic.

A man that just wanted to keep doing the job he had been doing for 15 years and suddenly work is presented as some kind of privilege, of the slim. Whining about the weakness of the notion of "thin privilege" whilst actually trying to turn the things we all need to survive into that.

Let's get fat people out of the workplace in order to benefit from their absence. That's true greed and a kind proving quite insatiable at that. Some slim people continually beg for more and more to be given to them, because they're slim. They want cheaper healthcare, insurance, tax breaks and now greater and greater advantage the employment/ jobs market. They want fat people to be taxed not their beloved "junk food" Despite them signing on for mass calorie restriction.

They're turning fatness into a disability, by their unstable neurotic reaction to nothing and by continuing their attempts to transfer increasing resources from fat to slim. Not to mention wasting our time by setting us up for an early shift.

I hope more people are beginning to see, this isn't about "looks."

It's trying to establish a kind of sectarianism, based on body size, a kind of tribalism. If Black people were shown doing this, the contempt would be palpable. All systemic and systematic discrimination is about theft in the end.

Despite disagreeing with defining fatness as disability-it's been suggested that it could dissuade employers from employing fat people, for one thing. This process of legal consideration sets in perspective just how churlish, unreal and unmanageable the whole 'obesity' crusade is. It's impositions make no sense, go nowhere and cannot be submitted to, even if you wanted to.

The  establishment promotion, support  and indulgence of this has produced a mindset incapable of dealing with its own failure. Few initiatives surpass the 40 year clear run it's had.

It's been able to re-defined humanness, ways of life, habits, mental and moral state/s, purely on the basis of weight. With unusually, the full agreement and commitment of its quarry.

It has bullied, lied, degraded, hated, set people against each other, robbed us all, turned us into shittier people, exposed our most venal and base sides yet has failed by its own and every standard. Even the drugs war makes more sense.

It wishes to continue asserting things as facts-fatness=sickness, then when consequences and conclusions are inevitably made from that, quickly denies its own assertions, without reference or accountability for that.

How can something be totes unhealthful and neither disease nor disability? I've always disliked the use of illness/ disability, by the able bodied to point out social problems too, but precedent for that has happened already.

Given it was an employment matter, there's nothing in the statute about discrimination regarding body size, that would have to be established as a category in law.

You're left with should a person who can do a job and is willing to work be denied because of what are perceived by others as their limitations? And perceived is important, because Kaltoft disagreed with his former employers assessment of his physical abilities, or lack of.

Instead of dealing with grown up reality like that. It continues to pander to itself "Prevention is all" to the rescue-ignoring obviously that our current situation is the product of that very prevention of which it speaks. Same as the useless non-'cure'. The whole crusade's assertion of discipline, restraint and proportion, should be tried in a court of law, subject to minds trained and paid to think properly more often.

Let's see then what happens to assertions such as fatness is 100% preventable via a permanently suspended acknowledgement of reality.

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