Sunday, 28 December 2014

Body Police Close in on Weight Outlaws

As those in the know already know, weight loss via the calories in/out model is inherently invasive. It choosing to change something fundamental by attacking anatomical signalling-hunger, rather than finding a way to change underlying function.

I couldn't help being reminded of the nature of a drive toward invasiveness, reading an article about the increased use of electronic surveillance by abusers to control their ex-spouses;
Polly Neate, chief executive of Women’s Aid, told The Independent: “Domestic abuse is about control and perpetrators will use any means available to maintain and increase their control.
So it seems GPs are being told to report patients who are "putting on weight";
Under the scheme, family doctors will be asked to identify anyone who has gained weight and is at risk of diabetes – particularly those aged below 40. They will then be offered tests for pre-diabetes, followed by healthy lifestyle advice and close monitoring to ensure they are eating better and exercising more.
What this actually means is anyone's guess, the state already records and monitors the weight of children, so it would seem to be reporting it to itself. The point for me though is intent, which is to control and keep people contained in the ci/co trap.

"Pre-diabetes" and the continual lowering of the threshold for a condition-type2 diabetes-which already had one of the highest false positive rates of any conditions before that, is just a means to using the patient model, to gain control of people.

Chanelling Oprah and thinking in terms of gratitude. I suppose we could be thankful that it took the usual suspects this long to spot this as a handy entry point for their default power plays.

This kind of tightening grip is inevitable and will only get worse until it is stopped by a countervailing force. It's still trippy though to see it actually happening. A group of doctors wrote a letter to the author of this folly, Simon Stevens indicating that funds are being diverted from acute services to this supposed "prevention." Giving the slimming industry money out of tax payer funded healthcare.

Donating to those bitches is worse than pissing money up against a wall. The conscious and willful stupidity of fat phobia enables this.

As I've said before there are genuine ways of increasing health/ wellbeing and patient responsibility- or should I say, reversing the abject passivity built into the current doctor-patient contract-for the benefit of medical professionals that are being overlooked. Because this isn't about responsibility. That's a term to hide an abusive invasive controlling impulse. Always has been.

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