Wednesday, 14 November 2012

Recognition doesn't automatically confer benefit


One of the things I've warned clueless slimz to wake up to is the assumption that the authority that is busy dehumanizing fat people, just happens to love them purely because they are slim. It's a comforting idea but hardly convincing.

In truth, the way they treat fat people is more likely to be the way they think about all of us. It just suits to set us against each other. A bit like those people who organize dog fighting. Pitting each dog against dog.

This is the number one rule of being in charge, learn how to delegate. Get folk to police each other, keep each other repressed and in line. Divert their attention with mutual animosity.Instead of just presuming that say, thin/slim anorexics only gain because they are recognized to the point of what is often indulgence. Test that posit by finding out whether they actually are benefiting from it, in reality.

Now I have to confess, my interest in anorexia nervosa is minimal. I've heard too much of the ideology of it for too long. Because of the insistence of PWA and their supporters to deal in their own disjointed and obscure rationale, it becomes only of interest to those who can be interested in that.
It's obvious that it doesn't appear to be doing PWA much good, nor is the rate in which anorexia occurs lessening.

Obvious and entirely predictable, if you seek to perceive human physiology through ideology rather than biology, barriers to understanding are put up.

Understanding is so often healing or the start of it.

Ideology is too often most about the demands of whatever wishful thinking you wish to invest in, and that is what takes the lead, look at politics, religion for examples.
It's not there is no truth in it, it's that this is often forced into second place by the desire to believe what one wants to believe.

So yes, fat people with ED's are suffering for lack of recognition that will give them as rational a perception of their condition as possible.
But given the rough treatment they're prepared to hand out to fat people, why presume they feel much better about slimmer people?

It would seem that the way many anorexics like to think of themselves and their condition is in line with-or has been manipulated in line with (who knows?) what the PTB is selling to the rest of us as a feasible lifestyle of calorie restriction. Which is really anorexia by another name.

How many times when the statistics concerning anorexia are pointed out as a concern is the response "But, there is an 'obesity' crisis?"

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