Thursday, 15 November 2012

Dr. Snow White

Poor old doctorzzzzz-again. Just because they solidly lent their gravitas to the idea that fat people are greedy lazy fools who hate our health, only needing to diet-which works-even when they knew full well it did not.

Liberating-along with scientists-the hatred that we have put up with for so long.

Just because they've recommended millions to the slimming industry "They're the experts" helped save it from being found out by linking it to the pretense that "it's all about health."

Just because they've covered up the fact that they hate the way fatter bodies are more challenging. Just because they willfully deluded themselves that what they could see wasn't working, would somehow work if they could shout and scream at their fat patients-many of them children-enough.

Just because they don't bother to direct any of their frustrations  toward "obesity research."

Just because they helped to make sure you turned into everyone's enemy, contributed hugely (yahz) to humiliating and silencing us in the process; whilst demanding they be given nothing but our unconditional love, undying (geddit) devotion and continued everlasting worship.

Just because you think they should be held accountable for their own actual, real life actions.

Doesn't mean anyone should forget for one nanosecond-they are all Snow White. 

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