Sunday, 2 December 2012

Size for Sex

I was surprised when the statement is "Anti obesity: the new homophobia?" turned into is fat like being gay?

This is why I'm not a social justice person, nor an ideologue. I thought being gay was something in itself, that had nothing to do with homophobia. I actually didn't realise some people define their identity purely by oppression.

In terms of being gay, I think of homophobia as an outside imposition on gay people. They've had to deal with that intimately. And yes that has shaped the nature of same sex love, but homophobia surely cannot be seen as interchangeable with being gay. As misogyny is not the same as being a woman?

I'm not being persnickety, the whole point of the comparison between (anti) 'obesity' and homophobia is that the two are outer impositions on respective groups. It has always been my opinion that being fat is not like being gay.

What makes them seem similar is both are vehicles for abolition from outside, through methods that cannot do the job. Regardless of what you think of the desirability of those outcomes. It's the refusal to accept these truths and the creating of a delusion-that is a preferred fantasy pressed in place of a different reality that gives an air of connection. 

Except of course attempted gay deconstruction. That has become unacceptable to many. Increasingly, the idea that gay people should either be prevented from acting on their feelings, or penalized or punished, is being recognized as wrong, even if the consciousness formed by a legacy of fear and loathing of homosexuality hasn't fully caught up.

If you know me much of my views, you'll know that I'm not and have never been against weight change-anyone who wishes to make that an issue can bite me. What I am against is anything coercive, punitive or disordered. And that pretty much defines the current method we have now-calorie restriction that specifically insists on altering weight via that route and claims there is no other.

Which is nonsense as any fat person who knows any thin or slim people knows. Our bodies show that altering of the regulation of weight is done by the body all the time, but for some reason, those volunteering to investigate, show little enthusiasm for teasing that out.

Preferring instead to turn their failure into an article of faith. Rather like the fundamentally religious or conservative do with their insistence that gayness is about a lack of will power/falling out of god's grace.

Paul Campos' astute observation is in noticing the shift from problems with sex, to problems with size. And that this reflects a change in the mentality of the classes that decide these matters. They used the device of submerging what they disapprove of in  "pathology" and dressing up punishment as  "treatment.

The issue is not really what about being gay or fat, it's what the administrative classes think. What's making them tick and the levers they instinctively feel regulate morality and existence. It is now the politicized body, rather than sex(uality). 

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