Tuesday, 13 November 2012

The real lesson of eating whilst having an emotion is .....

You're alive!

Okay, I know what this is about. They mean that stimulus to your nervous system, i.e. emotions/feelings, shunts eating processes into gear.

Rather like smoking a spliff can too, because it stimulates part of the eating process located in your brain, in a more direct way. I'm pretty sure smoking a doobie is not an emotion.

When a certain level of tension has built up in your system, rather like a clenched fist makes your hand act as one and an open palm means you can animate parts more distinctly, with less engagement of what isn't needed.

Tension tends to drag more processes into play than the you intend. That's one of the reasons it is so exhausting. Flexibility tends to reduce activity to the necessary, encouraging the flow of energy.

There are three main approaches to healing that I know of. Directly attacking the pathology, epitomized by western medicine's magic bullets-though a pretty universal impulse.

To ease and relieve everything but the pathology, i.e. things that support and maintain our everyday well being like Tai Chi, meditation and other alternative exercise therapies. By resting, refreshing our bodies as a whole, we encourage self repair and self healing

Or combinations of both.

I've never liked the intensity of focus on eating disorders as if that is the person. Rather than the second supporting the person as a whole. In this case, calming down the nervous system as a whole.

In other words calming and reviving you as a whole person.  Focus on the 'disease' can end up making it seem to be you and you seeing yourself as it.

A combination, the third approach means yes, you might well have to look at the way you see yourself, the world and your interactions with it. How you (feel you) fit your overall view of everything. 

The current favoured approach is to me bizarre and frankly at times repellent.  It tends to be avoiding both seeing you as a whole person and questioning the way you see yourself. No doubt due to the implications.

Identifying a person as their-real or assumed- pathology (sound familiar?) and encouraging people to see themselves through it, as if it's an identity is the current theme du nos jours.

Conditions are taken very, very seriously indeed-as if unseriousness is  somehow crux of the problem. Inducing a fatalistic "I'll never get ovah this" line, a gap for another set of toxic pills with minimal efficacy to be produced.

Concentrating on an image of wounded, damsels in distress, yet brave and noble in their sufferings/fight against this terrible 'illness.' As if the interest is the eating disorders not the person.

Make a real worshipful cult out of it. A full on irrelevant Gothic melodrama.

Increasing the prospect of them feeling barren and lost without it.

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