Wednesday, 18 May 2011

Obesus physic

Physics has for some time required a new branch in order to fully contain all the observational data on how energy functions coming from 'obesity'- i.e. fatness in a Latin fright mask - that wisdom must not be lost in the ether of random speculation.

There's the base of  what's known as the 'fat contagion' hypothesis. That's when a fat person close to you is able to provoke your body to start storing more fat. The free floating energy of their presence is converted into stored energy in your body.

This process can be so powerful, that it can have a kind of placebo effect. The mere existence of your friendship, getting in contact via e-mail or phone, or even just thinking of them, as in, "I wonder how my (fat) friend so and so is doing".

All pose dangers of energy conversion for the unwary.

You'll only win if you're a 'fast burner' as your system draws progressively more of this 'free energy' increasing its release leading  to weight loss among your family and social circles.

None of this is scientific, it is based on science.

Carson gets fatter as his dog gets thinner from diet and exercise”.

The fat transference phenomenon. As we know, energy (in this case fat) can neither be created nor destroyed, it can only change form. In this case, as someone (the non specieist definition, natch) releases fat from their stores in the form of heat, that then turns back into fat in someone eles's body.

The amount probably depends on some process of entropy.

This explains the seeming incongruity of successful weight loss industries along side society's upward weight drift.

I hope those encouraging fatz to lose weight are aware of the risk. More importantly though, this is no excuse for fatz to relent in their efforts to lose weight. If it ends up on someone else, you'll/they'll just have to live with it, dog eat dog is apt here.

We all know that we are surrounded by energy dense foods, what people don't realise is that these are not 100% stable. Although minuscule, some atoms of energy can escape into the air. This is mainly a problem for the susceptible who act as a magnet for them, a bit like this.

Hence the much touted, "I only have to see food to put on weight"etc.,

All this insight must be logged and collated. If studied, for its underlying meaning it could reveal missing secrets of the universe.

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