Thursday, 19 May 2011

Lose some hate

Seriously, do.

If you have the nerve to respond to objections to your discourtesy, hating and wretched stupidity with "lose some weight" because you think that in some way justifies your attitude or removes your responsibility to know how to comport yourself in a civilised manner, then BITCH, you need to lose some hate.

If you wish to hate, have the guts, have the self respect to be culpable and accountable for that hate, rather than kidding yourself that you are somehow forced into it by people being fat at you.

Or the bogus propaganda the cynical feed your easy little head with.

Not being able to accept you choose to hate is a sign of conscience salving, it means you need to misrepresent things to yourself, so that you don't feel being mean and nasty makes you a bad person.

You are pathetic.

When we fatz thought we were bad, we thought it all the way, we didn't cling on to or hide behind others, we took it full on, often as children.  That you can't manage shows exactly why you are involving yourself in hatred in such a cowardly and self deluding way.

In your mind blunted by your own disappointments, all this makes your sorry little selves come alive, well done in finding some way to feel like your miserable existence matters. It won't do you any good though, because it shows you have lost hope in achieving that in a positive manner. You know yourself.

Way to advertise your despair.

Your greatest punishment is being stuck in your bone head 24/7.

Poor you.


  1. I love this! "lose the hate" fabulous!

  2. This is an excellent post.

  3. Cheers buffpuff.

    I hope you'll get back to blogging soon.

  4. just dropping a note to say i miss your writing and perspective. i've noted before how much i like your critical reflection(s), and that still holds. i hope you are well.

    peace and love to you

    (i understand and am not hurt or offended about your choice to allow my comments or not. i continue to read and enjoy)

  5. Thanks for your thoughts H+F, I hope you and everyone else out there is well.

    I'm just sorting a few issues out in my life and re-orientating my brain.

    I've written a few things, but they're not quite clicking with me yet, but they will. ;-)

    Re absurd comment saga; I've altered a couple of things, so please tell me if you're still having any trouble leaving comments. Perhaps I should try WORDPRESS.COM