Monday, 16 May 2011

In the event of crisis PANIC!!!!

Or perhaps, not.

Because that's total nonsense, isn't it?

This is usually more like it. In the context of a declared crisis this ideal is made more compelling by considering the track record and motives of those trying to stoke us into a state of panic and keep us there.

They know full well that beyond a certain point, that state is incompatible with higher forms of reasoning.

Which is exactly why when there really is an emergency, the thing to do is to remain as calm as you can, so you can deal with it as best you can, without succumbing to any rising feelings of fear and doom.

You know, from the emergency.

In fact isn't the ability to try to get oneself exciting  a sign that there is no emergency?Although who knows, if we can panic, we might be about to create one by rushing around manically not looking at what we are doing and what our efforts are actually achieving.

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