Thursday, 18 May 2017

The Real Issue

Following on from yesterday's non-debate pertaining to 'obesity' cult mythologising this is who the Independent decided to get to comment on a supposedly deeply significant highly important and definitive study consisting of 3.5 million GP records, no less.

A personal trainer cum fitness competitor, cum classic mod-elle cum fitness tutor. I think we can safely say the folks at the Indie are telling us the exact value they place on this supposed study. We hear you Indie *wink*.

So let us take a look at what this presumably scientifically minded mod-elle has to mutter on the matter.

"Yes, you can be 'fat but fit' - but don't expect to be healthy". Who expects fitness to mean health? No seriously, who does? A clue; those promoting the notion of a "healthy lifestyle".

So the whole fitness industry is worthless to anyone who is over BMI 30+? Okay, you said it. Healthy people are a "ticking timebomb" no-one is seeking to detonate. Why so desperate for us to explode? Why aren't you all running around trying to find means to manipulate our physiology into defusing the bomb that is us? 

I say this to you honestly I'm deeply disappointed. No I really mean it. By now, I genuinely thought slimz would be more into fake compassion but they can't even be arsed to do that. I'm getting quite annoyed just thinking about it.

How dare they not cry at the prospect of our passing! I keep saying this, I want, no I demand to see more tears, more hand-wringing, more mourning. Tell me what you'll miss about us, the contributions we've made, the way the world will be a poorer place with our demise etc.,

All this getting off on what you feel compels us to trying to starving ourselves again, a la TBL is disgusting.  I am not joking.

Geez, at least smack yourself in the head, pick at your face [trés dramatique for those who just have to go that extra mile]..... At least try poking your fingers in your eyes to bring on some actual fauxreal tears.

More effort at being upset all round.

When I think of the nonsense I've gone along with you lot, ....don't even get me started.

Ahem, back to Mz Thing tell us this explosion "preventable", how though? Fitness is a complete waste of time, so says she and 'obese' wallah puppet masters. The only thing left is innovation in reversing weight. Which you know is being blocked by the same people doing the shouting.

The flurry of these emphatic "It is not possible to be fat and healthy" headlines are on the basis that the pool of people above BMI 30 is more likely to contain people who develop, in this instance, 4 cardiovascular pathologies.

Starting from the basis of the 'obesity' construct, BMI 30+ = a slim person plus mass, this is meant to show the plus mass causes cardiovascular events, to acceptable mass.

But we don't all start from there. Some of us start from the universal human, indeed animal norm, that each being recognises itself as a whole entity. From that point, those who have cardiovascular fillips are more likely to be found amid BMI 30+ and perhaps under whatever "healthy people of a normal weight". That makes sense given that cardiovascular irregularities are more liable to interfere with your energy regulation and metabolic function.

The cardiovascular system plays an important role in helping to regulate energy.

Even if crossing a weight line upsets your cardiovascular system, the answer is still, benign weight reversal.

Certainly that has also been found in the past, so called 'underweight' people have been found to contain more people with vascular irregularities-I cite that because it went against the desire to assert dementia as a fat thing [which is still done regardless]. This of course does not mean all people in the thin group are going to develop dementia, simply the greater presence among them raises overall risk.

I'm not sure whether metabolic manipulation could interrupt this, I don't see why it isn't possible. The best way to gain a deeper understanding of the situation brings us straight back to finding a benign means of reversing weight. The only means we have now-starvation- is pathological and pathology inducing, that includes cardiovascular as well as metabolic problems. As well as not being fit for the purpose (supposedly) intended.

Producing these kind of studies is supposed to divert attention from this;
The real issue is whether you can be ‘fat and healthy’ and the simple answer is no
The REAL ISSUE is why isn't all this conviction isn't leading anywhere but; this is really baaad and there's too much of it, so people must do what's brought us to this point. Then we'll again complain that there's too much of it and 'prove' how bad it is in order to get people to do the same thing as ever, which means even more of this and then we'll complain about how baaad it is and insist on get the picture.

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