Wednesday, 3 May 2017

News Just In: Diet's Don't Work, Again

Intermittent fasting, i.e starvation, isn't any better way of starving yourself than doing it everyday. Who could have predicted thus?

There are no 'types' of diet, only different ways to achieve the same end, weight loss by calorie restriction.

Weight loss diets, no matter the presentation or PR, all work through the same principle, that of starving your body of the energy it needs, full stop. They all fail the same way too. Defeated by your body's design.

When that fails, so does your life.

None of this has been worth re-defining your humanity, reality, fact, science, or physiological function for. The failure is inherent in the design of calorie restriction dieting, not in the person trying to restrict calories or their psychology, character or physiology.

Energy intake evens out regardless of how you try to soften the blow, concludes this small study of 100. The body needs what it needs. We already know all this and have known for decades, centuries even. It can join a pile that's probably higher than Everest, not including the millions of people with their scores of efforts to get and stay in this lane.

Try telling this to cal res fundamentalists though.

They still want to save self imposed starvation by pointing the finger at people.  They cannot save it. Not by threats, not by hate, not by penalty, not by mutilation.

Don't be terrorised by reports of illness, sickness and death, it's likely to put you in the kind of chronic low level but persistent stress that requires constant infusions of ready energy to sustain it. That would be "self inflicted."

Don't perceive or identify yourself as in anyway inherently pathological. Do not be sad or oppressed. Be empowered, you said no. You saw through what everybody else asserted at you volubly. You defended yourself against influential people. You stood up for yourself, no one can take that from you.

Keep flexing those muscles and strengthen them.

Don't identify as 'obese', you should be able to realise by now that it has nothing to do with you. Tend to yourself as you are, identify and deal with your actual problems. Like the ones from your actual life and past-let's face it, none of us want to. But that is the only way we will feel better about ourselves, whatever course we wish to take.

If you have too much hunger, then recognise that. Stop allowing other people's fixation on food to become yours. Take note of the pattern and extent of your hunger. Notice whether its responsive or unresponsive, that is, as you respond to it, does it lessen or not?

It should be your focus to reduce the level of activity back to normal. Just because white coats aren't interested, doesn't mean you have to go along with their disinterest.

Your diet can be more or less useful to meeting your needs, but that isn't the same as having hunger functioning that works properly, and makes sense to you.

As you cannot do that specifically, you'll have to do it globally, that is you'll have to alter the way you feel about everything. If your hunger is responsive, satiety levels palpable and real, then let yourself alone and stop trying to starve yourself.

Feel less stressed, take the things and people that don't matter less [and less] seriously. Build your courage by practising small acts of it everyday and always remember this is your life and your body.

Not someone else's argument.

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