Friday, 7 January 2011

I feelz odd

I'm going through an odd week where I feel a little disjointed like my mind is pointing in different directions-yes even more than usual, cheek!

I've  been reading up on some fat related or 'obesity' stuff notably our old friend Dr. Sharma who is in danger of being worth reading regularly. He's been doing the rounds on the 'sphere garnering praise for managing to inch a bit closer to saying calorie manipulation doesn't scan as a viable weight loss scheme, epidemiologically speaking (get me).

If what he says doesn't seem totally cogent, it's because it is still a huge emotional leap to face that, without having a viable solution. Try it doc, some of us have lept that one and it was like throwing yourself off a cliff. Seriously.

People assume that we in FA just don't give a damn but many's the time my heart has been thumping like a drum even though I've known better than many before I landed in the fray.

Things definitely seem to be happening and I sense a need to review the overall situation and alter my perspective. I haven't bothered to follow a lot of stuff in the field because it's frankly been a lot of nonsense and I've not been able to stand it.

I was thinking just this morning how much this has demeaned my view of science. I used to read scientific studies for fun. There is something about the way science and research has changed that has meant I lost that impetus as the trust had gone....

To be continued.

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