Saturday, 25 June 2011

Kindly STHU with your "overweight"

The promiscuous throwing around of this term is getting really tired.

Just how hard is it to get over the fact that some people are bigger size thin? Some people are greater than others. They are more than, just how dimwitted do you have to be to name someone else after you not to be able to get over that?

Imagine if you will; failweight, scanty, stopshort, underfat FGS?

Can I get a lightweight, storm tossed, insubstantial, flighty?


Or what about small, minceur, sucked out, eaten up, already devoured-whats the Latin for the last one? It could be the antithesis to obese which has its root in the Latin "to devour".

We are the weight we are. We've told you what we are,  fat, we are something. We are not what we are not; got that?

We are not some thin person's self important prissy take on us-"What, some people are over me, they're past moi? Must your shock be our label?

Must it be an endless memorial to someone else's tedious fee fees?

I get the sensory impact of fatness on thinz who've not gotten over the baby thing of  I am the defining principle of what all humanity should be. Many of us, of all weights are living testament to the fact that this can be overcome

We do not expect you to be our size equally, you are not our defining principle of our substance.

Now its time to stop looking stupid and like your head is permanently stuck up your anal passage and recognise that not everyone looks to you, is in reference to you, okay? Become a sophisticat.

We define ourselves by the integrity of our own bodies, regardless of our plans. We are too precious to live in an ever dangling future possible, whilst ignoring the present. Where we here.

And that is fat.

So get that.

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