Friday, 12 August 2011

Less respect for who?

A study is reported to have found those surveyed say they have lost more respect for smokers than they have of those who are fat.

Oh really? Why would that be?

What no-one cares to survey, evah, is how fat phobia and anti smoking fervour affects the respect fat people (and/ or smokers) have for haters. Especially watching the contorted minds and faces those choosing to be most afflicted.

When still hunkered in the collective hegemony of fat phobia, I used to think I had some idea what people believed, whether I agreed with them or not.

I've lost count of the times I've thought to myself-in the midst of this- "who are you people and what the hell do you really believe?"

Is this what we really are like underneath all the endless prompting and direction as to what to think? We are told this is the side to be on and this is what this side thinks?

Whilst no one's perfect, it's difficult to know what to think when people who claim being in favour of the death penalty makes you unspeakable tell fat people flat out that we should be allowed to die whenever possible.

Or how about those who claim to believe the world would be right if everyone just obeyed authority, those people should be treated right, they are responsible! Yet not only don't recognise an example of it before their eyes, they characterize it as lack of responsibility.

So what do these people actually believe in?

When people send endless death threats our way, robotic litanies of every disease possible written by fatness, do people really think the respect fat people have for them remains as before?

Because frankly, hearing how for two pins our lives are costing them a few mythical shekels doesn't exaclty make me think, there's a fine upstanding gentlewo/man, I really admire the balance of their ethical sensibilities.

I don't know how we're expected to take seriously being told that we don't care about our health when the idea that fat people can positively embrace health advice (that's supposed to make us slim) is a case that has to be made at all, ever.

Because it has been decided we must do or die(t) instead.

Do people really think about how they sound and look whilst going off like all ugly like that?

If fatz have the same respect folks they did whilst seeing themselves in a more punitive light, I'd have to question why.


  1. From the vilification I've seen leveled at smokers and at fat people, I'd say the haters have no respect for either, in the same amount.
    As for me, I have no respect for haters - they have none for me, why should I respect them? I start out respecting everyone I meet, whether it's in real life or online, until they give me reason not to respect them. Disrespecting me or anyone else solely because of the way they look is one good way for me to lose all respect for a person, especially if that person is zealous about their hate. If they're a hater in real life, I cut them out of my life, I don't have the time, energy, or patience to even try re-educating them. Online, it's even easier to ignore them - that's what mute/ignore/hide buttons and delete options are for, after all.

  2. Yeah, the urge to reform people's habits real or imagined is now driven by chronic misanthropy, rather than being an extension of the desire to increase public health as it presented.

    Its a product of that disconnect from people's humanity and the absolute conviction that they are righteous. This makes it hard for crusaders to consider whether those subject to their attentions will also, at some point withdraw the respect they assume will always be there (by dint of their assumed purity and rectitude of course!).