Monday, 18 June 2012

Self loathing is the instigator of action? Really?

It's posts like this that remind me again that fatness is keeps being used to discuss things that have been shut down elsewhere, due to the extent those things have been defended out of other discussions.

Time after time fatness feels like the last stand of people being able to say what they feel they need to say, yet what has it produced? A deeper understanding of metaphysics? Scientific advance? A great slew of ideas because our psyche's are free not to give a damn about fat people's sentience?


The same thought stopping paradox returns, coming from the disconnection slim people have developed for fat people.

The writer says, self acceptance is really hard, I don't want to feel shamed for not having the discipline/will for it. But I must do something about my weight, others should not feel shamed for the ill discipline, lack of will widely associated with that.

Why can't people connect these dots?

When fat people protest the latter, we're accused of being 'oversensitive'. Excuse me? What about someone in a weight loss diet ascendant society who feels marginalized merely because they rigid hegemony has broken down at xojane?

This disjointed way where slim people keep expressing the same or similar feelings to us and just don't recognise it is getting old. They complain and moan about what we say doing everything to de lgeitimize it, yet lead with the complaint we are doing that by no longer being silent and abject as before.

How awful of us.

Though the complaint is that it's becoming unacceptable to bray loudly about how repulsive your barely plumped body has become, rather than just stating exactly what your problem is. As if it's lacking in compassion to want you to hear exactly that, rather than a whole lot of generic fat hating.

It just doesn't make sense, using fatness to divorce yourself from your real feelings-why is that so important when you are complaining about the distress the underlying feelings are causing you?

This often seems more about self hating as modern femininity, yet pulling its punches by using fatness as a cushion for the impact. You want to reduce the impact, so you can keep on that way.

Often this is said to be a way female bond,  when it seems more- how to be a woman. Those told to knock it off and deal with their real issues feel as if something is being taken away from them. When they are not subject to endless slews of fat women whining tediously about how from this angle they thought his part looked a bit (((gasp))) thin and they was horryfied, horryfied, I tells ya!!!

Having a thin rope (hur, hur) of acceptance for yourself as a woman seems to be an indicator of female acceptability, self dissatisfaction the primary agent of action and change for women. Yet, we associate men with action, even though they are more encouraged to achieve things by seeing themselves as just dandy.
Self acceptance for many, fat people especially is often one of the greatest changes a person can make. Yet again that is erased pressing it into the indolence of fat people, making a nonsense and a bore of an emergent fat consciousness of self.

I really wish certain people would just stop enforcing this boredom as a means of shutting down the involvement of fat people as subjects rather than objects.

It feels more like self loathing stems action and enforces that as a state. If women don't cut themselves down, might they go too far?

Some of us are tired of all this and fear the torpor of self hate more than whatever trouble we might get ourselves into if we have to face our real problems and what we do with that anchor lessened or removed.

That perhaps is a feminist isshyoo of.


  1. Skinny girl tells us she's fat.

    That's almost become a stereotype hasn't it?

    I'm sorry but her extra 12-17lbs above anorexia levels, doesn't matter.

    You wonder why people today are so brainwashed, why more don't break away from the herd.

    She is just doing what the programming has told her, replicating dozens of women's magazines.

    The sad thing is she will take her blessings for granted, and make those fatter then her suffer. It's about clamping down, don't you dare even be even 5lbs "overweight!"

  2. What I find so odd is this use of fatness is clearly symbolic of other things that are going on with her. In this particular instance a shift in her weight brought old, unresolved baggage to the surface.

    If she'd wanted to deal with that, it would have been a self caring gesture that could have inspired anyone. Instead she seemed to gloss over that and plea instead for the protection of the desire to invoke fatness to avoid dealing with your actual problems.

    Something I've always found uncompassionate about this misplaced fixation on weight.

    I keep seeing this attitude to fatness and self love from fat to thin alike and it is creating more and more of a rift.