Friday, 3 August 2012

Chicken lickin'

When it comes to our expectations, on how we should feel about a given thing. It seems that our brain seeks its meter. The extent of outrage some have set themselves up to feel about hatred of gay people, doesn't match what they're able to manage.

Enter some fat phobia to bridge the gap.  

"Fat"homophobes? Maybe they just "feel" fat

The hatred cultivated for fat people + homophobia = a better actualization of what our level of outrage about homophobia is supposed to be.

Meanwhile a truer reflection is indicated by slim people + homophobia = neither here nor there. Oh the increasing chasm between fat and slim!

It started off with a warning that those who had a BMI of 30 +  had a worse overall health prognosis THAN those who have a BMI of between 18.5 -24.9. This "ill effect" started at BMI 25 and rose from there, but achieved some mysterious significance at BMI 30.

That fused with fat is somehow the opposite of slim, something marked by the 'obesity' construct. Slimness is "healthy", fatness "unhealthy". 

It has achieved polarity.

This is an underlying feature of the workings of our minds. Polarizing things that seem to come in twos; two sexes, two sexualities, two heights, two races, etc., Wherever we can characterize things in pairs, we tend towards placing them in opposition to one another.

The features of one then explain the features of the other.

You can see how this underlying feature could be useful. Hurtling towards the rocks, you need to swerve abruptly, change course quickly. It is a feature of our conscious minds that the rest of our mind can be set on a totally different course, when we realise it is the wrong one and need to change, even when that feels wrong due to the legacy of habit.

Like the deck of a ship veering over to one side or the other with the motion of the waves, keeping its balance.

This inner balance reflex can engage when something we invest belief in requires something to balance it out. The above fried chicken lovin' gay bashing debacle shows slimness is reaching a point where it increasingly cannot contain wrongdoing.

The sheer goodness now invested in slimness, is blotting out any badness. In order to perceive badness, one can only see it in a less angelic background.

This weird dichotomy shows the construct of slimness is no more human than the construct of fatness, just more positive seeming. People will take the undercutting of their humanity, if it seems to favour them.

It now requires fatness and slimness to make up something like a whole person. Neither can stand on their own as expressing the variety of a human whole both good or ill. They are becoming separate streams through which each category needs to be channelled to make sense.

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