Sunday, 16 February 2014

Fat's fat

Ragen raises a good point about prioritizing health being used as justification for making fat people unhealthier- to manifest the already pre-destined prognosis of 'obesity'. Yeah, that's a headful but it's true.

And no, it's not because people are eval and wicked, it's the nature of how your brain works. If you keep suspending your ethics, morals and reason, that flows into more and more dubious morality. What else is it going to do? Where will it if you don't or others don't counter that?

It's easy to overlook the notion of health as a maximum priority, because its such hooey. Often working class / people of LSES [sorry, but I sometimes dislike saying "poor people", lack of money doesn't define you as a person] have to jettison their health in order to do the jobs available to them. Other people undertake perilous work that may or may not be relatively well re-numerated. Building work, labouring, working on an oil rig, etc.,

I mean, do police working in high crime areas prioritize their health? Does a fireman/woman? What about someone choosing to work in a country where healthcare is sparse and underdeveloped? Rescue workers?

The instinct to try and save people from fire, flood and earthquake is part of what makes us human. You may say, that's for a reason, for a purpose for a good. But the truth is, a lot of not prioritizing your health is, just on a lesser more everyday scale.

The family wo/man doing a job they detest which is grinding them down spiritually, mentally, psychologically and physically, is doing it to make sure their children are taken care of.  They may rely on things that aren't "healthy" to do it too.

Those trying to get an education and support themselves, meaning they have to knowingly use themselves up for some period, whilst they complete their education.

What about even, the way we take a course of pills to support our mood, nervous (system) function rather than go straight to counselling to unpick and unravel the cause/s so we can emerge without anxiety disorder or depression?

Of course being fat is stigmatized, not actions. This is just something to say. No matter what fat people do, they'll always be a problem because erm, fat's fat.

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